26 April 2022

Names of Blogs

 I never considered calling this blog after some hero of mine ... mainly because I don't much do heroes. (Had I done so, perhaps you might now be reading "Prospero Lambertini").

There is on the Internet a blog named after Archbishop Cranmer. Iffy, I would have thought. Is this the same Cranmer who helped to send so many men and women to their deaths in the service of corrupt and murderous Tudor regimes? The Cranmer who colluded with the Great Genocide of the South West in 1549? 

That 'blog' is currently very angry indeed. It describes Patriarch Cyril of Moskow as "a wolf in sheep's clothing, a false prophet, and a whited sepulchre. He sits in Christ's seat with his flowing tassels and silken robes ... He just blessed everyone and splashed a bit of holy water around and crossed his chest and waved his flames ..."

Just the sort of crazed, rabid protestantism as that of the real Cranmer, at whose instigation the parish churches of England were looted and vandalised. So reminiscent also of the Kensitite mobs which wrecked Anglo-Catholic churches a century ago; which beat up Fr Bernard Walke because he went to Dartmoor and said Mass among the 'Conchie' prisoners, including the Quakers.

How some proddies do so viscerally hate and detest the accompaniments of Traditional worship ... "tassels ... silken ... robes ... holy water ... 'waved' ..."

And how absolute is their determination to refuse to understand what makes other Christians tick; in this case, the association of Land and Faith in 'Holy Rus', and the consequent insistence upon "the canonical territory of the Moskow Patriarchate".

I am a Roman Catholic. I don't buy the full package of the self-understanding of the Moskow Patriarchate. But I am 'ecumenical' enough to respect Christians from whom I differ.

And to want to understand them better.

After something like a century of the "Ecumenical Movement", there are apparently still people around who turn instantly to abuse, and to demands that the Moskow Patriarchate be expelled from the WCC.

Not in my name.



frjustin said...

It would be easier to respect "the canonical territory of the Moskow Patriarchate" if they had respected the canonical territory of the Alexandrian Patriarchate. As it is, the Russians created a new exarchate for Africa, even though there already was a Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria and All Africa, ignoring territorial divisions that most Churches, including Moscow, had hitherto accepted. The Alexandrian Patriarch Theodore said that Moscow’s actions are an “attempt to change Orthodox ecclesiology” by spreading the “evil virus of ethnocentrism".

As for the the association of Land and Faith in 'Holy Rus': on March 13, the Sunday of Orthodoxy, a Declaration of Orthodox Theologians on the “Russian World” (Russkii Mir) teaching was issued and signed by over 1,340 theologians worldwide. It decries “a form of Orthodox ethno-phyletist religious fundamentalism, totalitarian in character, called Russkii mir or the Russian world, a false teaching." It declares this “Russian world” teaching to be a heresy:

"We reject the “Russian world” heresy and the shameful actions of the Government of Russia in unleashing war against Ukraine which flows from this vile and indefensible teaching with the connivance of the Russian Orthodox Church, as profoundly un-Orthodox, un-Christian and against humanity." The full text may be read at this link:


Prayerful said...

Kirill onetime KGB agent Mikhaylov lives an existence of god-like luxury with one of his palaces beside one of his master Putin. He likes it little as he hears the noise of trains when in residence. His love of watches including a $30,000 Bregeut Swiss timepiece, is well known and he also like any good Russian oligarch has a fine yacht. Notably this Swiss watch was airbrushed from photos, but the reflection could be seen on a glass topped table. Now he a great compound under construction, so he can be a bit like the Pope and rule from a walled compound. Referencing his KGB codename again his rapid ascent in the hierarchy can be attributed to his usefulness. His management between 1994 and 1997 over the duty free import of cigarettes and alcohol cannot be considered a mark of great moral character, given the life shortening damage both do.

His unstinting approval for a war launched without even an ultimatum or even clear warning, a war which cannot be regarding as having the marks of a Just War, not that Kirill would care for something which St Augustine played a foremost role in formulating.

Now a threat to expel the ROC from the WCC might annoy Kirill a little as he was delegate to it in 1971, but expulsion from the Communist infiltrated WCC is hardly a downgrade. I honestly think Francis wants to join it, given its Red history.

The Oecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople was very slow to grant a tomos to Moscovy considering them barbarians. Given the revelations of multiple atrocities (the civilian slaughter at Bucha and Kramatorsk will likely turn out to be minor crimes compared to others in places like Mariupol), over which Kirill has expressed no concern, suggests Constantinople was wise in its reserve. It is likely Kirill hoped that the tomos granted to the Orthodox of Ukraine could be reversed by this war. If Putin the poisoner will ever be in the dock, if there be justice, Kirill will be beside him, as someone who blessed and inspired this war.

Unknown said...

In supporting Putin's lawless war of aggression against Ukraine, the Patriarch reveals himself as a lap dog of the dictator and unworthy to style himself as a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot believe that you support his blessing of this unwarranted attack on an innocent people. It has no relevancece whatever to the religious wars of the 16th century.

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Father, with all due respect, I think you do the blogger a disservice. I think it has less to do with a protestant disgust at Traditional worship and much more to do with disgust at Kyrill's support for Putin's 'Special Military Operation' in Ukraine.

Peter Presland said...

Here here Fr H

The abusively unprayerful 'Prayerful' comment condemns itself.

I have a long-time friend whose home is in Donetsk - a first-hand witness to the human misery caused by 8 years of constant, indiscriminate artillery and missile attacks on the residential areas of Eastern Donbass that took the lives of around 14,000 people, most of them totally innocent civilians, by the Ukrainian military. Where were the 'Ukraine as inncocent victim of Russian aggression' apologist during those 8 years I wonder? Russia gave many warnings during that period, all of them comprehensively ignored - even ridiculed - by the West and its commentariat.

Truth to tell this is not a war of Russian aggression against innocent little Ukraine; it something far larger and more dangerous than that. It is a war between Anglo/US controlled NATO with its de-rigeur unipolar and hegemonic world view which finally provoked Russia beyond endurance (as was no doubt its intent), and a dissenting nation which, during the same period and as openly promised by its President, developed sufficient military, economic and global political power to finally demand that its security interests be taken seriously.

If, as appears increasingly the case, the West is totally controlled by forces promoting the much ballyhooed NWO agenda, with its all-powerful domestic information dissemination control (witness even the comments here) and its blatantly satanic morality, then the world really is entering a very dangerous period indeed.

May almighty God have mercy on us all.

frjustin said...

To understand the position of Catholics in Russia and Ukraine, it is helpful to recall their history. Ukrainian Catholics, especially, have a strong history of resistance to persecution under czars and communists.

“Every time Russia takes over Ukraine, (the) Ukrainian Catholic Church is destroyed,” said Mariana Karapinka, head of communications for the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia.

Ukrainian Catholics were severely repressed by the Soviets, with several leaders martyred. Many Ukrainian Catholics continued to worship underground, and the church has rebounded strongly since the end of communism. With that kind of history, Ukrainian Catholics have a strong reason to resist another takeover by Moscow.


Prayerful said...

It might also be noted that Moscovy was never properly granted a tomos for a Patriarchate, it was just declared in 1589 (with the trusting Job as the first Patriarch) and Constantinople accepted with some reluctance. If Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew wishes to be the greatest troll ever, his all holiness should relegate Moscow below the Kyiv Patriarchate he established in 2018. Kyiv was once the senior see. Bishops can be too peacenik these days, but the opposite of being an utter warmonger is itself grotesque. Pray that the Patriarch of Moscow will find wisdom and somehow denounce this war. Perhaps it might be like the prayers that Pope Francis be orthodox, but God is all powerful.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Many of your readers think Russia launched an unprovoked attack but that claim is not accurate:


The American Military-Industrial Establishment loves war and the putative defense industry is raking in billions of dollars while America goes to hell.

What American thinks Washington acts on their behalf?

The VSAST majority of American voters want nothing to do with this proxy war which is being run by the same geniuses who were wrong in Afghanistan and the M.E. Wars but not one of them ever were forced to resign, saying nothing about apologise.

As for the establishment and its media scribblers trying to connect The Ukraine with NATO, pffft. The Ukraine is not part of NATO and, even if it were, this would not be a proper response

How many have ever taken the time to read the NATO treaty, especially the first article?


Banshee said...

The point should be that "annoying current seatholders of ancient churches" are not grounds for kicking out an entire denomination or patriarchate.

You might decry the current dude strongly, and bring up his infamous Rolex or his possible KGB connections, and that would make more sense. Also the Third Rome thing. And that would put the heat on the actual guy you are angry at.

Victor said...

Since when is Moskow an ancient church? Should that epitheton not be reserved for churches from the first millennium?

PM said...

British historians have stopped using the word 'Caesaropapism' out of deference to Orthodox sensibilities. Perhaps it is time to reinstate it, for Kirill at least.

Mind you, there has been no more egregious example of Caesaropapism than Henry VIII.

Farmer's boy said...

Peter Presland, I considered listing all the examples of Russian aggression since 1939 and the documented evidence of Russian officially condoned/sponsored rape and looting of the civil population by their troops in Ukraine but clearly your mind is closed to the inherent evil of the current corrupt Russian government and the support offered it by the senior figures of the Russian Orthodox Church.

frjustin said...

Not to pile on, but this item about Patriarch Kirill appeared in the Orthodox Times of April 28:

"Metropolitan Epiphanius I, the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, said in his Easter message that Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, 'should be condemned by the fullness of Orthodoxy.'

"Metropolitan Epiphanius said that Patriarch Kirill 'supported the war against Ukraine and consequently led those who trusted him as their shepherd to their death.'

'No one with blood on his hands may hold the chalice,' Metropolitan Epiphanius added."


armyarty said...

The very raison d'etre of "Orthodoxy" is to have the Church in the service of the State. Be it Tsar, Sultan, or Party officials does not matter.

In service of that goal, the "Orthodox" have projected all sorts of fanciful accusations onto the Universal Church, such as that hoary old chesnut "double ontological procession", a heresy that nobody holds, or has ever held, and is exclusively used as a means of maintaining schism.

The nature of Orthodox officialdom is to assert its authority to the maximum, and jealously accuse everyone else of bad faith, while simultaneously carrying water for the government.

frjustin said...

In his Easter homily, Patriarch Kirill called on Russians to defend Moscow from “centers of power abroad". His Beatitude Sviatoslav, the Father and Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, in his address on the 64th day of Russia's war against Ukraine, described what this defence involves:

"Today we see how the enemy is driving out the sons and daughters of Ukraine en masse. Just yesterday, official Russian sources announced that Russia had expelled and deported more than a million Ukrainian citizens, almost two hundred thousand of whom were children."


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Those who have purchased a yellow and blue flag or have been cheering America on in its proxy war against Russia, congratulations.

America is now officially at war with Russia so when Putin responds by sending a supersonic missile to destroy some NATO or American force/structure I hope y'all are happy


Hannes said...

"Canonical territory" and Cyrill's Putinist concept of "Holy Rus" which needs to be built by a holy war are two different questions. The first is purely theological, the second rather on a political level. The Ukrainian orthodox bishops under the Moscow patriarchate are natural supporters of the first idea, but some of them condemn the second as a heresy.

William Tighe said...

Prayerful wrote:

"... the Kyiv Patriarchate he established in 2018."

But he didn't; he merely established an autocephalous "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" (OCU) under a Metropolitan of Kyiv within his own patriarchate. It has no patriarch (or patriarchate); it had an "honorary patriarch" in the person of Philaret (Denysenko) who was patriarch of the "Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate," one of the bodies amalgamated in 2018 to form the OCU. However, discontented with being merely an "honorary" patriarch, he and some bishops withdrew from the OCU a year later, and in 2020 re-established the UOC-KP.