5 April 2022

Canon Couratin? (4)

Lesson IV. Moses and the Red Sea. (Exodus 14:24-31 & 15:1)

1. Israel, the seed of Abraham, was pursued by the wicked Pharaoh, and only escaped by plunging into the Red Sea. God delivered him supernaturally from drowning, and carried him safely over into the Promised Land, while at the same time overthrowing the hosts of the Egyptians.

2. Christ, the true seed of Abraham, is persecuted by the devil and his angels, and by their human agents, the wicked Jews, and only escapes by plunging into the waters of death. God delivers him supernaturally from death by raising him up on the third day, and carries him safely over into the heavenly places, while at the same time breaking the power of the evil one.

3. The Christian, who becomes a true son of Abrahan by sharing in Abraham's faith in God, is persecuted by the powers of evil, and by his own past sins and his present sinful habits, and only escapes by plunging into the waters of Baptism and there dying with Christ. God delivers him supernaturally by raising him up in Christ, and makes him sit already in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, while at the same time withdrawing him from the reach of Satan.

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