19 April 2022

Canon Couratin? (7)

 Lesson VII. Ezekiel's Vision (Ezekiel 37:1-14)

1. Ezekiel saw the Spirit of God breathe upon the valley of dry bones and cause the bodies of the slain to come together again, and to stand up upon their feet. The vision was a parable of the restoration of Israel as a nation under the power of the Spirit of God.

2. Ezekiel's vision was fulfilled in the death and resurrection of our Lord, and in the gift of the Spirit which that resurrection secured for his Church. The Holy Spirit was not given before Jesus was glorified in his Passion. But when he was glorified, then he was empowered to impart to his Church the Spirit which was given him without measure by his Father.

3. The Spirit who was set free by Christ's Death and Resurrection, was imparted to his Church at Pentecost. He descended in power, and enabled the Apostles to live the Resurrection life here and now. And in each generation he effects a death and resurrection in those who come under his creative power in the waters of the font, and empowers them in Confirmaton to live by anticipation the life of the world to come.

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