5 April 2022

Greedy Personal Appeal

Readers will recall my writing in previous years about the 


which, each July, takes place on the shores of Lake Garda ... near where Reginald Cardinal Pole, Queen Mary's Archbishop of Canterbury, once lurked in safety from the hired assassins of Henry VIII.

The Worship at the Conference is totally traditional, lectures are given, discussion takes place. Traditional scholars from all parts of the world take part. ... fellowsip ... music ... wine ...

For some years, I have been privileged to be invited to be ... in the American phrase ... "one of the Faculty". I would very much like to do the same this year.

Because of the pandemic interruptions of the last couple of years, Professor Rao is cautiously building up this year's Faculty as the necessary finance is promised to him.

Each lecturer costs the Conference $2,900.

If any reader feels he/she would like to do me a good turn, and has the money to do so, I would be grateful if he/she could inform Dr Rao how much they are prepared to sponsor me for. I will, of course, show my gratitude by saying Masses for my benefactors.


1 comment:

Father Tobias said...

The conference would benefit from your presence. Hope there will be sufficient funds from benefactors.

Father Tobias, Sweden