9 April 2022

All Times belong to Him: your Paschal Candle

In many parts of the West, people liked to show how the current year related to broad chronological markers and perspectives. So, each year, a piece of paper, called the charta, was fixed to the Paschal Candle; a custom which survived at Amiens until 1969.

The following, which I hope is accurate for Easter 2022, translates, simplifies, updates and adapts French examples of charta texts (some of which were very long). Do feel free to offer corrections!
Year since the Lord's Incarnation 2022
Year since the Lord's Passion 1989
Year since our Lady's Nativity 2036
Year since her Glorious Assumption 1972
Year since Summorum Pontificum 15
Year of the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham 11

But, you cry, what about the Year of Creation? The Monarch? The President? The Pope? The Diocesan Bishop? The Suspense of the Function of the Ecclesia Docens? The Year of Covid? The Year of Cupich?


Grant Milburn said...

I'm just glad at the implication that (TC notwithstanding) Summorum Pontifium has not been abrogated and CANNOT be abrogated. I always knew that (in the matter of TC at least), the Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of Traddiland.

Frugifex said...

Two years since the fear of Covid:

Coronam reformidat Rufus
perterritus et consternatus
sparsam per provincias luem
tabem diram, exitiosam
quam invasisse pertimescit
plerosque jam in orbe cives
tot corripuisse homines.
Exhorrescitque sollicitus
crebrescentes terrae fervores
dioxidii carbonii
nimium propter incrementum.
Conflagrationes formidat,
tabescentem poli glaciem,
diluvia tremulus pavet,
nimborum turbines, procellas
ingemit, inundationes
telluremque labantem plangit.
Quovis jactaverit oculos
ad omnem umbram avium
praetervolantium formidat
exterreturque attonitus.
Duo sunt quae Rufus timidus
nec timet nec miser veretur:
hominem vivum non dum natum
matris in sinu perimere,
formidolosumque in saeculorum
consummatione Dei tribunal.
(Frugifex 2022)

Richard said...

Where do we get the year of Our Lady's Assumption?

armyarty said...

The Year of Cupich? What a horrible thought!