15 April 2016

All Times belong to Him: your Paschal Candle

In many parts of the West, people liked to show how the current year related to broad chronological markers. So, each year, a piece of paper, called the charta, was fixed to the Paschal Candle; a custom which survived at Amiens until 1969.
The following, which I hope is accurate for Easter 2016, translates, simplifies, and updates and adapts French examples of charta texts (some of which were very long).
Year since the Lord's Incarnation 2016
Year since the Lord's Passion 1983
Year since our Lady's Nativity 2030
Year since her Glorious Assumption 1966
Year since Familiaris consortio 35
Year since Sacramentum caritatis 9
Year of the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham 5

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Joshua said...

Why not include other worthy dates, much as those chartæ included the regnal years of the Roman Pontiff and the French King? -

Year since the arrival of St Augustine in Kent: 1419
Year since the final session of the Council of Trent: 453
Year since the accession of Elizabeth II: 64
Year since the election of Francis:3