3 April 2022

Dr Kwasniewski

 Peter Kwasniewski has produced a pocket-sized book which I regard as both important and well-conceived. True Obedience in the Church A Guide to Discernment in Challenging Times. 

As we say in this country, it is precisely what it says on the label.

Catholics naturally desire to act in obedience to the Catholic Church. So when the levers of power in the Church seem to fall into the hands of operators who appear determined to undermine what, as far as we can judge, are the fundamental structures of our Faith, well, we end up with something of a problem!

I commend this extremely helpful contribution.

Sophia Institute Press Manchester New Hampshire.


Deo volente said...


Eric Sammons, Editor of Crisis Magazine, interviewed Dr. Kwasniewski on this new book on Friday. The interview can be found here for those interested.


Pax Christi!

coradcorloquitur said...

High time this cancerous growth of blind, false obedience were addressed without sentimentality and Christian muscularity. And Dr. K. is the scholar to do it: smart, orthodox, and refreshingly allergic to syrupy piety. I will buy it.