7 November 2009

Stable Groups in the Patrimony

Our Holy Father provided, in his motu proprio, that where Stable Groups (sound like Guilds attached to the Christmass Cribs, don't they?) exist and request it, the Pastor should provide them with Mass in the EF. Happily, a Stable Group has sprung into life ex nihilo in an ecclesiastical Peculiar within this City and informally attached to this University (no names, no pack-drill. Whatever does that peculiar phrase mean?).

I would have been very willing, had the Pastor concerned not responded positively to this admirable request, to assist the Group in its appeal to the Bishop of O****d to get him to direct the Principal, Dr B***r, to fulfil the requirements of Summorum Pontificum. Indeed, had the Diocesan himself then proved remiss, I could have helped them in their further appeal to the Ecclesia Dei section of the Inquisition, God bless it, so as to make them require poor P*******d to provide for the legitimate needs of this Group.

But, fortunately, Dr B***r has proved willing ... indeed, enthusiastic ... to perform his canonical duty. So I don't have to bother. How good it is when a priest obeys to the letter the Church's liturgical law.

I regard this as another example of the Anglican Patrimony vigorously at work. We have so much to contribute to the Wider Church.


Arch Anglo-Catholic said...

I can help with 'no names; no pack drill' This relates to a former punishment of the British Army which required the malefactor(s) to carry out drill in full service dress including the full pack and additional equipment - a tiring duty! The phrase itself means that those committing wrongs shall not be named to avoid attracting the military punishment, since if they were unknown, no formal punishment could be inflicted. There, that will never come in handy but I'm sure will interest some!

Fr Ted said...

I h****'t a c**e as to w**t y*u a*e on a***t!

C***d it be t**t t*e i*********n c***d be c******d as l*******s or are you just being careful to see that we all know exactly who is involved without actually saying so?

P********y I still c**t w**k it o*t!

Every blessing and thank you,

Fr Ted

Steve said...

If an appeal had been made to the Bishop of O****d to "direct.... Dr B***r to fulfil the requirements of 'Summorum Pontificum'", how I would have LOVED to have been there and seen the Bishop’s reaction when the appeal reached him!!