4 November 2009


I am sure most readers will know about an attempt to present a million-signature petition to the UN - an organisation seriously at risk of being an abortion-enforer. C-fam.

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johnf said...

..and Amnesty International as well, Father.

In a recently released report, Amnesty has called Nicaragua's total ban on abortions a "cruel, inhuman disgrace" and charged that the new law has led to an increase in maternal deaths.

As in the cases of Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Peru, Amnesty's latest report on Nicaragua incorrectly argues that international law requires countries to permit abortion, and, according to critics, it misrepresents the facts which actually show a decrease in the maternal death rate.

Amnesty International, an organisation founded by a Catholic convert, was hi-jacked by the liberals a couple of years ago.

CFAM is a good source of information as to what is happening on the international scene