10 November 2009


I do not intend to respond to, or take seriously, correspendents who address or refer to me as "Vicar Hunwicke". I would be grateful if such persons would give vent to their bad manners somewhere else and keep off my blog.

I have never been a vicar.


OBLATVS said...

Fr. Hunwicke

I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a long time. I do not post comments because of my poor English.

As said by a Brazilian actress, my English is bad, but my soul is good!

I look forward to see you in the Roman Catholic priesthood, as soon as your jurisdiction respond to the Apostolic Constitution. You would be a precious acquisition.

And, Father, I've already been a Vicar!

Contratulations from a faithful reader,

Fr. Cl├ęcio

P.s. If you wanna try a bit of Portuguese, begin with my blog http://oblatvs.blogspot.com/

Joshua said...

I second what Fr Clecio said above about looking forward...

Anonymous said...

Fr. Hunwike,

Have you decided whether or not you will join the RC ordinariate and be reordained?

P.S. I am tempted to call you "Padre", but I expect a terse and witty rejoinder should I do so.

S.R. Fraczek said...

More tea?