5 November 2009

I Respond ...

... to two comments appended to a recent post:
(1) The declaration about women being not capaces of receiving Holy Order was declared to be an example of the Infallible Ordinary Magisterium of the Church.
(2) Cardinal Ratzinger declared that Apostolicae curae was not de fide but was definitively to be believed. He said nothing about the current situation with regard to Anglican Orders, which of course is quite different from the situation in the 1890s. This was made clear when the former Bishop of London was asked - by Joseph Ratzinger - to be ordained to the presbyterate only sub conditione.


Unknown said...

Thank you for your needful correction Father! It was I who thought that Cardinal Ratzinger had opined that Apostolicae Curae was infallible.

As to the presnet situation, I have a friend who once commented to me, "I belkieve in Apostiolicae Curae but you'd be hard pressed to find any priest today that it applied to."

Jacob Hicks said...

So Pusey never offered Mass? Ditto Fr Chamberlain?