2 November 2009

Episcopal fallibility

Eadwinus quondam episcopus Rutubensis ... sounds like a quote from Bede, doesn't it? Or Eadwine biscop in Reptacestir ... could be from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. But I refer of course to the admirable blogger signing himself as Ancient Richborough. And he's WRONG. Thorpe le Soken is in Essex and Essex is NOT part of East Anglia. It is the Kingdom of the East Saxons and NO RELATION of that shambles to its North, the kingdom of the East Angles; divided as they are into two equally lamentable halves, the North Folk and the South Folk (Norfolk and Suffolk). I feel strongly about this because I am an Essex Man. Since both of these kingdoms of the Heptarchy were within the Richborough Apostolic District, its first Apostolic Administrator ought to know better.

But his blog - perhaps the most readable there is - does give an illustration of the Zucchetto Daughter seu potius Scarlet Woman whom I mentioned a day or two ago; and also of myself. Why do I never photograph well?

And it also blows the gaff on the last paragraph of Dr Ward's sermon, which I, ever tactful, hesitated to blow on my blog. Since Bishop Edwin has done so, I will add another detail: Fr Robin also said that if you want to jump over a wall, you'll get a softer landing if you leap where the wall is lowest.

Now I wonder whatever that can have meant.

I will leave it to a third blogger to bring into the public domain the testicular implications of all this.


Edwin said...

In reality this Thorpe is in the Soke of St Paul's Cathedral, so neither East Anglia nor Essex. But thanks for the Bede puff - Richborough aka Rutupia is the very first place he mentions in the Ecclesiastical History. I wanted to sign +Edwinus Rutup: but was told it looked rather rude.

Unknown said...

But, Father, surely Essex must be in East Anglia? For is not the cathedral of that diocese in Brentwood?

Nebuly said...

No Stephen P, the cathrdral of Brentwood is in Brentwood and that of East Anglia in Norwich - and a fine building it is too - the donation of a Duke of Norfolk

Unknown said...

Yes, I realised that was complete tosh about ten minutes later, as I drove to mass. Mea maxima culpa!