8 November 2009


I'm feeling very excited, because the Great Fr Zed has referred to a certain megacranky American RC bishop as "Ineffable Trautman".

Excited, because (so the SEARCH facility reveals) on Feb 9 and July 5 this year I did just that on my blog.

Does this mean that Fr Zed reads my humble little blog? Or is it a matter of Great Minds Thinking Alike? Or did Fr Zed coin the phrase earlier than me and then it rested in my subconscious? Or (Source Criticism as applied the Synoptic Gospels kicks in here) was the phrase in some yet earlier and even more exciting document we could call Urhunwicke or Protozed or the Bloggenquelle?

There must be some pedant who reads this blog and could research the answer.


pipesmoker said...

The esteemed Fr Z has your blog on his sidebar.... that's where I first found you

Patrick Sheridan said...

Fr Z is an American and knows nothing whatsoever about Liturgy or Tolkien, but acts as if he does.

johnf said...

Better sit down and have a large G&T, Father

Little Black Sambo said...

Are F Zed and Fr Zee one and the same?