23 November 2009


I read, even in Newspapers whose Religious Affairs Correspondents are, you might have thought, paid to know better, that the saintly Walter Kasper ... No: scrub the sarcasm. It's not him I'm getting at but the black-versus-white simplicities of the media who cast Kasper as the Good Guy and Ratzinger as the Bad Guy ...

To resume: Walter Kasper, they say or imply, knew nothing of the Apostolic Constitution and had nothing whatsoever to do with the iniquitous plot to keep it secret from poor Rowan. My problem with this is that Kasper is on the Board of Cardinals of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Presumably he was present at some of the meetings of that Dikastery as they discussed and redrafted versions of the Constitution? According to the rumour mill, the gestation had been going on for months; originally, the news had been expected as early as 'after Easter'. Do Roman dikasteries circulate papers?

The Constitution was announced on Tuesday October 20. This was fortunate, because Forward in Faith was due to meet the following Friday and Saturday for its regular annual autumn conference. The papers for which, sent out some weeks beforehand, had given an agenda in which we were told that the subject to be discussed would be announced later.

It was. We discussed it. The timing could hardly have been better. The Vatican apparatchiks deserve warm congratulation.

After the Williamson affair, Papa Ratzinger was admonished that he should employ people to watch the internet for him and prevent him from dropping bricks.

Perhaps Rowan should be given similar advice.


William Tighe said...

"This was fortunate ..."

And not fortuitous.

motuproprio said...

If I heard the interview with Cardinal Kasper correctly, he suggested that it was the responsibility of the Bishops who had been in dialogue with Rome to keep Rowan informed.

GOR said...

In fact Father, Cdl. Kasper, given his position at CDW, has stated that he was well aware of the forthcoming Apostolic Constitution. He even received a call from Ab. Rowan at 2 am querying it and could confirm to him that it was in fact imminent.

However, I still think that the fact that Kasper was in Cyprus when the initial announcement was made by Cdl. Levada did not occur by happenstance...

Unknown said...

Motu Proprio

I think that it was the Archbishop of Westminster who said that.