5 November 2009

More Patrimony

I apologise for being unjust to the SSPX by not mentioning that they have gone a lot further than FSSP; they have actually invested a lot of money in the Anglican Patrimony.

The chapel of their English House near Bristol, formerly an Anglican convent, was the work of George Frederick 'Anglican Patrimony' Bodley [we have a Bodley cope at S Thomas's].

Happily, SSPX has not 'reordered' the chapel - a fate which usually befalls former Anglican Patrimony buildings taken over by the mainstream RCC.


Michael said...

The SSPX has not reordered the former Anglican Church in Gateshead, once Christchurch now the Holy Name of Jesus. The only alterations which have been made, e.g. the putting up of the Stations of the Cross has added to the spirituality of the edifice. Former Anglican parishioners, who have returned for Holy Mass, on occasion, have been pleased that nothing has changed. One Methodist lady who came on a Heritage Day was brought to tears by the undoubted sanctity which she felt in the church.
It is such a great shame that the Church Commisioners were so biased against the SSPX by a clergyman from Manchester who sits in the Other House, and his cronies, that they refused to sell the derelict Anglican church in Gorton, Manchester to the Society. Ignoring the fact that the Society had been ministering to the people of Manchester for over 20 years, they decided that would prefer to follow the Media Hysteria and be totally Anti-Christian.
St Saviour's House in Bristol is one of the most beautiful buildings and I have stayed there many times. It is sad that the Anglican Convent had to close, but of great joy that has not been allowed to fall into dereliction.

Anonymous said...

Where I'm from we call that "Wreck-o-vating."

Michael said...

rev'd up.
I could not understand your comment, especially with the element "WREAK" as the inteneded meaning. However.I looked up the meaning of wreakovation on Wiki. I would advise others to do so. The absolute opposite applies to the Holy Name of Jesus church and St Saviour's
rev'd up, Wherever you are from, you appear to have totally misunderstood the meaning of the word or was your comment meant to be pantie moisteningly funny?

davidforster said...

I think I'd be correct in saying that the SSPX church in Woking - now the church of the Holy Cross - was previously the chapel of an Anglican convent.