4 November 2009


I blinked ... there on the FSSP website was a picture of EF High Mass at the East Altar of Pusey House, showing the very 'Comper' gold-leafed pillars holding up the baldachino and the immensely 'Comper' stained glass.

An illusion; it was really London Colney: both buildings, of course, were built for Catholic Anglicans by Sir Ninian 'Anglican Patrimony' Comper.

How good that the FSSP feels so at home in the Anglican Patrimony.

And how natural.

A dash of prolepsis here, do you think?


Matthew M said...

What? No photos? For shame.

Clavus said...

And in the centre back of the frieze around the baldachino at London Colney is the word 'compar' (as in 'compar sit laudatio'), in case we hadn't guessed!

Fr Frank Nichols said...

Sometime in the 70's I attended a meeting at London Colney, and turned to drive up the long drive. (this was after LC had been taken over by the RC's).
Standing at the gateway was a nun (full habit and veil) chatting to someone. I nearly crashed as I noticed that she had a cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth!
A closer look revealed Glenda Jackson in full habit taking a break from filming something for the BBC!
Happy days: and by by the way thank you for your always stimulating blog. It cheers an Anglican Priest resident at present in Brisbane, Australia.