22 November 2022


"The beautiful Game" is how prissy and pompous English addicts have described 'Association Football'. But the present nonsenses in Qatar suggest ... I put it to you ... that "The Ridiculous Game" would be a far more appropriate title.

Apparently, 'England' teams want to begin their 'games' by 'Taking The Knee'. This, I am told, honours a dead American, described in some sources as a petty criminal, who was murdered by a vicious Plod (who, very justly as far as I am aware, has been convicted and locked away). This rather medieval ritual observance is included in something called 'Black Lives Matter', to which I strongly object. All lives matter. 

Mine, for example.

And I have yet to see a banner proclaiming Unborn Lives Matter. 

And our footy ballers in Qatar, acute moral theologians the lot of them, have manifested a desire to wear armbands based on that objectionable rag, the Diversity Flag, and with the slogan 'One Love'. I don't quite understand this; but I suspect that it attempts to subsume under one and the same heading all the different versions of human sexuality.

'One Love', therefore, presumably affirms Paedophilia, just as it also affirms all the rest of those jolly philias. Ours, surely, must be the Philiaphile species!

Godda be inclusive, y'know. 

Free The Maxwell One.

And what about Bestially Orientated Folk? 

Godda be inclusive.

Woof Woof. Sniff sniff.


Banshee said...

Everything happening in Qatar is being done over the dead bodies of thousands of "guest workers," because of unsafe conditions. But apparently only the tabloid newspapers care about that.

The Iranians in Iran, backing the UK team as a protest, are the only ones who impress me as brave.

Prayerful said...

'Association Football' is a traditional enough way of describing what most call soccer. I'm fairly sure that you Fr Hunwicke wouldn't be minded to disparage the traditions of others, given that you are yourself very tradition minded. So many once overwhelmingly Christian countries now have far, far more footie fanatics, although there is some overlap, given obviously the numbers of players who bless themselves, albeit not always correctly. Retired Man U player Wayne Rooney, struggler against baldness and husband of a noted celeb Colleen, is Catholic and wears a Rosary beads around his neck at times, which some of the snobbish disparage as disrespectful, but is in fact a custom in many places, and a worthy devotional act too.

Anyhow the custom of BLM kneeling is funny given how discredited that org has become. It's no help to those like the late Mr Floyd who find themselves enslaved by drug addiction or those who suffer from racial prejudice. It's just po faced virtue signaling.

armyarty said...

The late Mr. Floyd died from a huge overdose of fentanyl. P.O. Chauvin was using an approved police technique to restrain him. Floyd, a vicious criminal, who had previously pointed a loaded pistol at a pregnant woman's womb, and threatened to kill her child, unless she cooperated with being robbed, is nobody's victim- except his own.

It is telling to me that Dr. Baden, a well-known expert witness in the field of forensic pathology, wrote an expensive report for the family, but never testified for them. I should tell you, he is great on the witness stand. My suspicion is that he would not go any further than saying that the arrest-related stress contributed to the death. After all, why lie? It would only endanger his status as the numero-uno witness available for hire.

All this nonsense about Floyd complaining that he could not breathe and was crying out for his mother. I hate to disillusion people, but, in my long-ago life as a member of the NYPD, those would be regular occurrences.

Floyd was allowed to leave the police vehicle because he was an EDP- an emotionally disturbed person. That does not mean that he did not have to be restrained.

It is a grotesque result that people pretend that Floyd was mistreated, while they applaud the imprisonment of the public servants who were enforcing the law, in the most humane way possible under the circumstances.

Having been in similar situations myself, I have to point out that the jeering crowd of leftist agitators, intent on telling Chauvin how to do his job, virtually ensured that he could not change his approach. Unless he wanted to lose all authority in the eyes of the mob.

In truth, nobody is sad that Floyd is dead, least of all his family, who are now $27,000,000 richer. I suspect, in fact, that they are distinctly pleased.

phil g said...

Bravo! Well said sir!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Whatever factual things one can say about what George Floyd did and the drugs he had injected etc does not obviate the criminal technique used by Cauvin and others on him that caused his ghastly death


Where did that knee control technique come from and who taught the Minn. Cops that technique?

It cam from The Israelis who use that technique on Palestinians and it was the Israelis who taught Minn cops what it is and how to use it - and the Minn cops are not the only ones who were taught that criminal control


Not a few cops in America have been taught that those who they presumptively served are enemies.

Dad29 said...

Armyarty: do you think that the FACTS matter?

armyarty said...

The question is, 29, do you even know what the facts are? If so, do they matter to YOU?

Everything that I said was factual, and, if I say so myself, well informed.

Floyd died as a result of an overdose of illegal drugs, following an arrest that was lawfully justified.

What people saw on TV is what arrests look like. Sorry if you find that upsetting.

The only difference is that most arrests do not involve an interfering leftist mob.

coradcorloquitur said...

Absolutely true, Armyarty. A sign of the cultural depravity that obtains in the US today that a dangerous criminal like Floyd would be over-night turned into a "saint" of the Left for their ever-darker nefarious purposes. What is said above about the arrest "knee technique" being imported from Israeli practice on Palestinians is most interesting indeed, and news to me. But it is not surprising to those of us who "blaspheme" by not bowing down in blind, fanatical, and abject worship to the modern golden calf.