7 November 2016

No longer over the water

Tomorrow, November 8, is the Anniversary of the day when HRH the Prince Regent, later HM King Charles III, entered the Kingdom of England at the head of his army. An occasion for a loyal toast?

When the family was young, we used to have fireworks, and a bonfire on which an effigy was burned.

All things shall be well, when the King shall have his own again. Vivat Rex!


Jacob said...

Father, do you have a learned opinion on who is the rightful heir?

Unknown said...

Slainte mhath

Seamus said...

Most of us Jacobites recogize Francis II as the king over the water, but there is a respectable opinion that says that England being a papal fief (given by John Lackland to the Holy Father and received back from His Holiness), and the Holy Father therefore having the legal right to designate the king, James II, James III, Charles III, and Henry IX were rightful kings, as they were recognized by the Holy Father, but that the Hannoverians and their successors have been rightful monarchs since the death of Henry IX, as the Holy Father began recognizing them at that time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobite_succession

Patrick Sheridan said...

England's true royal house was dispossessed in 1066, not 1689. But that's a sort of detail. We're stuck with the House of Windsor, and I think we could have done a lot worse.

See, the conquering hero comes. Sound the trumpet, beat the drums!