17 November 2022

Mueller (1) and Mueller (2)

Mueller (1): It is ... erroneous to think that a council or a pope could annul an earlier dogma or stipulate, for example, that the nature of the sacrament of Holy Orders does not include the reqirement of the male sex of its recipient. ... in an extreme case, a pope could become heretic as a private person and thus automatically lose his office if the contradiction to the revelation and the dogmatic teaching of the Church is evident".

Mueller (2): "the rainbow flag ... is a public rejection of the Christian image of man ... they have replaced the Apostles' Creed with the creed of the idols of a neo-pagan religion."

Do you pray daily that Jorge Bergoglio may die a Catholic?


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Yes. Every single day.

Gregory said...

Yes Father. I pray for his salvation at the conclusion of my daily Rosary.

Grant Milburn said...

Do you pray daily that Jorge Bergoglio may die a Catholic?

Is the above implied by the following prayer, which I pray every evening?

 O Almighty and Eternal God, have mercy on Thy servant Francis, our Pope, and direct him, according to Thy clemency, into the way of everlasting salvation; that he may desire by thy grace those things that are agreeable to Thee, and perform them with all his strength. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayerful said...

If a man recognises Francis as Pope, then he must. Even if he does not (as an implicit or actual Bene- or Sedevacantist), Bergoglio, bully that he is, comes across as a lost soul, or someone who has lost his soul in adherence to an anti-Catholic, condemned philosophy which is socialism, and more recently to syncretism which opens a soul to the worst possible spiritual danger. Still it is hard, but St Matthew records that our Lord commanded us to pray for our enemies

Matthew F Kluk said...


Moritz Gruber said...

It actually has become a habit of mine to pray, per Rosary even if sometimes some time later, among other things three Hail Marys for the Pope. I've forgotten the exact intentions for them, God knows them, but it was like: 1., for the Pope in general, 2., that he leaves the trads in peace or at least does not hurt them yet more, 3. that he doesn't do any more nonsense of such kind that it not altogether impossibly causes pandemics. The third is admittedly rather selfish. (I really started with one, and then added another one, and then another.)

But then, that's typically in an "on the bike while driving" situation, as is the Rosary.

I never had thought specifically about "that he might die a Catholic, however". Obviously that is included in the first, but apart from that...: I also think him not in particular danger of apostatizing consciously from what he himself knows to be the Catholic faith and not just the ever-pestering-trads-who-may-theoretically-be-somewhat-right-but and-whom-I-just-cannot-stand. But that, while not nice, is not apostasy.

coradcorloquitur said...

I pray for Francis's soul and conversion, but not for his intentions, as all indicates that he indeed has abandoned the Catholic Faith. To deny the existence of Hell as defined by the Magisterium of the Church (among many other such quasi-apostate statements, whether in subtle or not-so-subtle gestures like allowing at his masses the administering of Communion to public promoters of abortion or approving appointments of atheistic, pro abortion zealots to prominent Vatican institutes) does seem to constitute real, practical apostasy---unless one admits as legitimate sophistic games/maneuvers. No grand public announcements of personal apostasy are necessary. God, I do not think, created the Ark of Salvation for the purpose of allowing truth to be obfuscated by "clever" tricks or Jesuitical equivocation---misguided loyalist efforts to obfuscate truth notwithstanding. Was it not Our Blessed Lord who unequivocally admonished us to let our yea be yea and our no be no?