28 November 2022

INDIETRISM and the Bull

PF is not averse to defending his new dogma-of-condemnation 'Indietrism' by citing ... exempli gratia ... earlier writers.

Such as S Vincent of Lerins, poor chap.

Is there a technical term for a theological or philosophical doctrine which carries within itself its own refutation?

Such as our old playmate the story of the Cretan intellectual who asserted that all Cretans were liars.

(Moi, I suspect S Paul of having a sense of humour.)

I commend PF for having ... if he truly has ... abandoned his former extensive lexicon of hate-filled abuse in favour of a nice shiny new one. (Entre nous, I never did understand what 'Neo-pelagian' meant.)

Was Epimenides married to Pasiphae? Moo Moo! Pull the other one!


Grant Milburn said...

I follow the philosopher in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who asserted that nothing was true, but who was later found to have been lying.
(Just kidding.)

Prayerful said...

While as as glorified soul, St Vincent won't be seeking expenses for all the outings (prop duties) he gets under dear, humble Pope Francis, and similar applies with St Thomas Aquinas. Never would either Saint imagine their use in support of older women dancing liturgically or an Irish Redemptorist mixing football metaphors into the Eucharistic Prayer, but this is the New Pentecost, well maybe Advent, given the time of year.

Grant Milburn said...

Is there a technical term for a theological or philosophical doctrine which carries within itself its own refutation?

If I ever encounter such a doctine in discussion, I will try to look learned, and say, "My dear fellow, I do believe that this the notorious fallacy of "secare ramum in quo sedet."

(Those with more Latin than I have can tell me if I've got the expression right.)

coradcorloquitur said...

With Francis it is certainly not a case of using irony and much less humor: liberals of all stripes are notoriously humorless and irrational (a darkened intellect and sour soul are not convivial with either a bright intelligence or a joyous sense of life). I imagine he is doing what he often does: shoot aimlessly in all directions but with the clear ultimate target of sullying the Catholic past by association with the present murky Modernism. Think no further than the ipso facto ideological "canonizations" of conciliar popes of dubious character (or orthodoxy) and proven mismanagement of the Church to the detriment of souls for a good example of this muddying of the waters. It's just one more Peronist strategy---as always.