14 November 2022

New Light on Royal History

(1) Last Saturday, a most astonishing announcement appeared in The Times. A revolutionary piece of information about the reign of Tudor Minor AKA 'Henry VIII'.

Writing about the current proprietors of Castle Howard, The Times refers to them as "unassuming folk who happen to be able  to trace their ancestry to Anne Boleyn".

Wow!!  Wotta Girl! Did AB squeeze in a neat little bastard or two during her incestuous affair with her brother George? Or did Anne's only acknowledged child, 'Queen Elizabeth I' AKA Bloody Bess, have her own little ... er ... miscalculation? Life must have been most terribly awfully boring during all those long decades being a "Virgin Queen" at a time when even bishops (mostly neither Virgins nor Queens) had wives.


(2) On Sunday morning, the Beeb ran a lot of 'royal' stuff, in the course of which King Charles [shall we, as a compromise, call him Charles III bis?] was described as taking part, for the first time, "as a Moderate".

Does the Beeb have some dirt on Charles III's earlier, more extreme, political affiliations? Are they going to blow the gaffe and tell us that, at the horrible School he was sent to, he had the nickname 'Blackshorts'? Wodehouse enthusiasts have the right to be told why, among his several appellations, the name Spode fails to make the cut.

Later in the day, Auntie suppressed the word 'moderate' and, instead, called Charles a 'Momnarch' [sic]. Surely, that is a title more fitting for his Mother?

The texture of Establishment English is so suggestively rich.



Rubricarius said...

On one BBC news 'story' on its website one can read "HRH The Queen".

Standards are not what they were...

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

For that matter, I think Archbishop Warham was married ...


William Tighe said...

"For that matter, I think Archbishop Warham was married ..."

He wasn't (in response to your "Ceterum censeo ..." type comment).

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

I think he was - as a cleric in minor orders (or a subdeacon ) practising at the bar of the Court of Arches.

Ceterum censeo "legem" - ut dicam - caelibatus abominandam esse.