24 November 2022

Mueller on That Flag

"In the Old Testament, the rainbow is considered  a sign of God's covenant and peace with mankind (Gen 9:11-17). However, the original religious meaning was transformed into a symbol for the peace movement. Since the 1970s the rainbow flag, in a reversal of the natural colour sequence, has been considered the the banner of the international LGBT ideology, which pretends to stand up against discrimination against homoerotically-inclined people, but is, in reality, the antithesis of natural and revealed anthropology."

I go along with his Eminence's analysis. And I am convinced that many of those who flaunt this flag are decent, well-meaning individuals deceived by forces deeper and darker than themselves. That does not change the fact that I (and many like me) are made to feel excluded, judged, and condemned when this flag is intruded into my (physical or moral) space. 

I have had it explained to me that the flag simply means that all are included; that nobody is excluded.


So, to apply the test which I apply to all such claims, we are required to believe that paedophiles are to be 'included'? That the acts which define their life-style must be accepted "inclusively" together with every other sexual life-style? That I am to be condemned if I decline to signify (both internally and in external gesture) my own acceptance of, and my own submission to, the ideology demonstrated by this flag?

I refuse and I decline and I repudiate this tyranny.

I have a private suspicion that the Enemy are not actually playing quite fair in this matter. I suspect that many of them are not actually campaigning for the 'inclusion' of paedophilia and those who practise it; and might even feel upset to have this suspected of them.

Just as I suspect that many of those who wear those multi-coloured tapes round their necks do not really mean to campaign (for example) for the 'inclusion' of Nazis and of Nazism.

But they are, poor poppets, gullible people who, without being able to hum even a bar of the Horst Wessel song, think they are adhering to something clean and noble and honourable in wearing the livery of 'inclusion'.


coradcorloquitur said...

As the ever-eloquent and orthodox Father Edward Meeks of the American Ordinariate (rector of Christ the King, Towson, Maryland, USA) has recently preached (this is available as a video on YouTube): he is convinced that the whole "Woke" phenomenon is diabolical---whether or not its disciples knowingly embrace it or are suckered into it by sentimentality (the most lethal virus of our time) or its first cousin: gullibility.

Bfbpuzzled said...

Hear hear, Israel Falou was excluded for expressing the teachings which were Chesterton's democracy of the dead, that which has been believed always and everywhere - that sinners are in danger of going to hell.

Inclusion does not extend to proper Papists like I attempt to be.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father I doubt many men alive are aware of how The Bible and The Catholic Church has dealt with sodomy ofer the centuries.

The flag celebrates a sin crying to heaven for vengeance and all men alive should be happy to oppose it because that opposition means one is with Christ and not against Him.


Jonathan said...

It's bad enough in the wider world but it's completely intolerable that this movement is so powerful in Catholic schools.

PM said...

Moreover, the 'nobody' who is excluded definitely includes orthodox Christians.

Bfbpuzzled said...
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