21 February 2019

Interreligious Ecumenism admirably in action

Christian and Islamic parents at a Birmingham school have been demonstrating together against the school policy of indoctrinating pupils to accept and internalise the dogma of gender indeterminacy.

Amanda Spielman, who runs a government agency called Ofsted, has explained that this is required by "Democracy".

It would be good (but over-optimistic?) to read that these admirable and conscientious parents had been supported by their respective clergy.

Pervert priests ... busy-body women with an ideological commitment to brainwashing even the very young ... so many people just can't keep their hands off the bodies and minds of our helpless children, can they?


Mark said...

Of course if only Christian parents were complaining, they would be ignored if not prosecuted.

John Berry (he/him) said...

Obviously I stand to be corrected but that's not quite what I understand is happening. I mean Parkfield School in the 98% Moslem Saltley area. A programme called No Outsiders has been started with lessons based on the various parts of the Equality Act. The predominantly Islamic parents protested about the lessons about the aspects of sexuality and gender. It was only after that started that a group (I don't know who they are) described as a fundamentalist Christian group got involved.

Stephen Barber said...

Andrew Moffat, the assistant head at Parkfield, has developed a programme called No outsiders which is aimed at helping children learn about equalities and tolerance of difference. He has been given an award for his work. The school has been rated outstanding by Ofsted. Nevertheless, Ofsted is looking into the parents' complaints and will be publishing a report. meanwhile, Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector of schools, as said: 'All schools have a responsibility to prepare children for life in modern Britain and that includes encouraging respect for those who are different, for instance LGBT people or those of different faiths.'

Michael Leahy said...

How is it democratic to force the opinions of a tiny minority upon the much greater number of people who would not agree with them? This is more accurately described as anti-democracy.