12 February 2019

Archdeacon George Austin

Orate pro anima Georgii Austin viri Venerabilis Ecclesiae Eboracensis quondam Archidiaconi necnon et Canonici Fidei quoque Catholicae propugnatoris qui nuperrime obiit.  C A P D


william arthurs said...

Readers may enjoy Robbie Low's interview of George Austin 20 years ago, and Austin's appreciation of Brian Brindley, from 2001.

PDLeck said...

I wonder, Father, if Greek/Latin on your blog could come with an English translation or paraphrase. I'm sure we don't all have the advantage of a classical education. Google Translate may help but I don't think this is the best translation of your announcement that Archdeacon George Austin has died: "George Austin pray for the soul of the venerable Church once Archdeacon of York, as well as the Law of the Catholic Faith propugnatoris who has recently died."