6 February 2019

Behold a Great Priest

Behold a great Priest who in his days was pleasing to God and in a time of wrath was found a Reconciliation. Mgr Edwin Barnes has died after a short illness. He was the first Bishop of Richborough; one of those who led a people out of the wilderness into Full Communion with the See of S Peter; into the Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham and Blessed John Henry Newman.

At our meetings in Westminster, as some people tried to devise ways of staying in the Church of England, he repeatedly said, with charming faux naivety, "But the game is up!".

He was a dear, kind, clever man and bishop.

Cuius animae propitetur Deus.


william arthurs said...

Do read Mgr Barnes's final blog post (from Sunday).

Banshee said...

The one right before that, which is from 11/11, is also topical.

May eternal light shine upon him.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

RIP if needed!

Look at dates:

Edwin Barnes | (6 February 1935 - 6 February 2019) | 84

Full year? Sainthood?