25 February 2019


"Certainly the Pope is not infallible beyond the Deposit of Faith originally given."


Murr said...

But what does this mean then? Isn't any person who sticks to the Deposit of Faith originally given also "infallible"?

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Thank you.

For years, one has read quotes in Tradisdtan (Rad Trad's great neologism) that assert that even the disciplinary acts of The Holy See are infallible. The quotes are out there for those whose interest is so inclined but simply on the face of it, such quotes seem weird.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Your readers may find this of use:

From Brother Pascal of The Holy Sacrament, quotes in Vol 1 of Bishop Freppel, pp 497-498

Bishop Fessler, the secretary of the First Vatican Council, explained, with Pius IX’s full approval, that the Pope “ is only endowed with the gift of infallibility in the exercise of his office of Supreme ‘Doctor,’ when teaching the truth revealed by God that is necessary for salvation, and not in disciplinary affairs, nor when he acts as a judge in ecclesiastical trials, nor in the other functions to which his office of Head of the Church might extend. Likewise, in dogmatic decrees, dogmatic bulls, etc., everything that is found in them should not be indiscriminately considered as an object of infallibility. ”

Murr said...

I have now read the quote in context. It seems to me we have no other option but to accept a "minimalist" view of infallibility. Otherwise we end up with the absurd notion of a "fallible infallible magisterium", as Christopher Ferrara called it.