21 December 2019

Frabjous Day!!!

The 2020 wall-calendar from the Papa Stronsay Redemptorists has arrived!

Wonderful pictures of the Monatery and the life up in the Orkney Islands, recalling to my memory the time I spent with them one February. And pictures of the breath-taking site of their projected monastery in New Zealand (of the Hidden Jesus ... a thought provoking title ... Hidden in swaddling clothes ... Hidden beneath the appearances of Bread and Wine ... Hidden in our fellow Christians). And, of course, fine liturgical pictures.

I heard that their boat has been damaged; please remember them in your prayers.

Email: contact@the-sons.org


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Speaking of islands, after the last few days of the progressive praxis, preaching and prose of our Pope, will the Cardinals finally man-up and vote him off the Catholic Island after one more visit in person to see if he will make a profession of Faith?

Crucifying a life jacket? Yes, he put a life jacket on a Cross.

Telling High School students in Rome not to seek the conversion of Jews and Muslims.

Wait, hold on.

Did he just subtly and cleverly announce his abdication? Yes, he did; what else could he have meant?

Pope Francis to Curia: "Time begins the processes, space crystallizes them. God is found in time, and in ongoing processes. We should not privilege spaces of power over time, even long ones, of processes. We have to start processes rather than occupy spaces.”

Well, then, the Papacy is a place pf power and The Bishop of Rome desires to start the process where he will not occupy The Holy See.


Merry Christmas everyone!!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father Just FYI


John Vasc said...

Just a note on Papa Stronsay: there is more about the dramatic loss of their boat on the LMS Chairman's blog - lmschairman.org - for December 13th.
The Papa Stronsay Fathers are not themselves publicly requesting donations (their Rule permits accepting aid, but not soliciting it), yet donations are obviously sorely needed to replace the boat, which is an essential lifeline for them.
That LMS Chairman blog for 13 December contains a link to the Papa Stronsay donation online page. The same online donation link can also be found on the community's main web page -papastronsay.com - on a small panel at the bottom right hand of the page.