14 December 2019


Which ORDO to acquire for the Calendar Year of 2020??

Of course, if you do the Novus Ordo in either its RC or Anglican forms, I will naturally commend to you the ORDO which I compile, Order for the Eucharist (Mass and Office) published by the Church Union and printed by the Additional Curates Society, 16, Commercial Street, Birmingham B1 1RS.

And I frequently commend to you the St Lawrence Press ORDO, which gives you the Roman Rite as it was before the Pacelli/Bugnini partnership started to have Good Ideas. You may not wish to use it, or be unable to for pastoral reasons, but the liturgically intelligent benefit enormously from an awareness of where more modern systems actually come from.

But what if you are a 1961/1962 person, happy with Mass and Office according to S John XXIII?

(1) Are your Missal/Breviary from 1961/1962 or later? If they are, all you need is the ORDO published annually by the British Latin Mass Society. It is nicely laid out, and has the the calendars for the English dioceses. (I happen to think that the strategy it employs for the dioceses erected later than 1962 is faulty, bit that's just me!!) It is perhaps the most user-friendly ORDO available. BUT ...

(2) Many clergy, however, and not just the more elderly, possess or use Breviaries printed before 1961. If you do this, and you wish to abbreviate the Office in accordance with the S John XXIII changes, you will need to have additional information. For example, the LMS ORDO does not inform you that on December 13 at Lauds you use the Sunday psalms with the antiphons proper to S Lucy. Nor does it give any information about which of the lections printed for Mattins you use, and which you miss out. For all such information, you could get the ORDO DIVINI OFFICII PERSOLVENDI MISSAEQUE SACRIFICII PERAGENDI produced by the American Angelus Press, 2915 Forest Ave Kansas City MO64109-1516 US. It contains Appendixes fully listing the calendars of  the dioceses of England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, NZ, Canada. (Despite its title, its text is in English.)

Not Ireland!

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Shaun Davies said...

Hurrah for the St Lawrence Press Ordo which harmonises with Gueranger's Liturgical Year and the old (and re-printed) St Andrew's Daily Missal and many other books.