10 December 2019

This evening ...

 ... I propose to begin reprinting a series on Judaism and Christianity which first appeared in, I think, 2014. They were occasioned by my distress ... that, on instructions from Cardinal Marx, the CBCEW had joined him in a very unwholesome onslaught on the legacy of Pope Benedict.

Neither hierarchy admitted that this was precisely what they were doing. The name of Benedict/Ratzinger was not mentioned! Perhaps that is what enabled their dodgy wheeze to go through; sensible and orthodox bishops, I suspect, had no idea that they were being asked to rubbish a Prayer for the Jews which Benedict XVI had composed with his own hand only half a decade previously.

I shall continue to post as normal in the (GMT) mornings; these older reprints will, Deo volente, pop up in the (GMT) evenings.

I did begin stripping them of their threads, thinking that those who wrote comments might not now wish to be encumbered with them in repetition. But my usual inertia struck ... so, after the first piece, Tuesday December 10, those old threads will reappear. Sorry if ...

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