2 December 2019


I gather we are due to have a visit from Trump.

And we have just had a terrorist incident in London involving loss of life.

On a previous such occasion, Trump seized the opportunity gleefully to continue his spat with the Mayor of London.

I think he should be decorated.

Perhaps there is a vacancy in whatever distinguished Order of Knighthood they gave the late Ceauscescu.

Was it a Kindly Call Me God?


Atticus said...

A King Charles the Martyr Gong?

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. ABS wonders if any blog - perhaps The Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque Blog - keeps a running total of Diversity is our strength incidents?

Fr. Frank said...

What a gracious suggestion, Father! But surely some such honor should first be bestowed upon your own noteworthy exemplar of chivalry, Prince Andrew, Duke of York. I'm sure we agree adulation, like charity, begins at home.

vetusta ecclesia said...

It is said that sometime in the early 60s this exchange took place in the editor’s office of a national daily:

You are a Catholic, aren’t you?
Do you know the difference between the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth?
I think so
You are covering the Second Vatican Council

william arthurs said...

Ceaucescu had been awarded a GCB (Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath) ---- rescinded the day before his execution.

Mind you, Rudy Giuliani is a KBE (as was Ronald Reagan)... a Knight of the Empire upon which the Sun Never Sets. I think Trumo would appreciate that!

John Patrick said...

Ceausescu received Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

I don't think Trump would be too upset if he never received these honors generally reserved for members of the British "deep state" and it appears various dubious foreign dictators. He will just continue his unpopular (amongst various members of deep states around the world) advocacy of the idea that countries should have borders and should enforce them.

PM said...

Should Prince Andrew get an award for services to republicanism?

Fr. Frank said...

If, by services to republicanism you mean contributing mightily to stereotypes of royal debauchery and treatment of the vulnerable and the lower classes as mere objects to be used for one's own pleasure, then I should think the answer is a resounding Yes....Not that Mr. Trump is any better, at all. It is infelicitous to draw attention by means of sarcasm to the oafishness of a foreign head of state at the very moment the rest of the world is being subjected to details of the criminal sexual exploits of one of one's own nation's royal sons.

John Patrick said...

"Not that Mr. Trump is any better, at all" - except that Trump has never been accused of the kind of thing that Prince Andrew has. You can be sure if he had it would have gleefully been publicized all over the media by his various haters.

Considering Trump is the closest thing we have had in a long time in the US to someone who is pro-life and pro religious freedom it is sad to see anti Trump rhetoric on this blog as well.

Fr. Frank said...

I agree with your assessment, sir. The line I wrote about Mr. Trump was unfair and I retract it. Thank you!

cor ad cor loquitur said...

Trump's "spat with the Mayor of London" is the result of the public and official insolence against him (and by consequence against the American government which Trump heads) by the mayor, the very man who today presides over a city woefully transformed into a dangerous place where knives and vehicles have replaced the forbidden guns in acts of savagery unimaginable only a couple of decades ago. It is indeed distressing to see the fanatical vitriol against the duly elected American president by the Left (our true and global enemy) echoed in such a dignified and orthodox blog as this one. It is suicidal not to know our true friends and our true enemies. The Lord Mayor of London falls within the second set; the president of the US, for all his faults, squarely in the first. Time to wake up.

Oliver Nicholson said...

Cor and cor loquitur might wish to note that Mr. Khan is not the Lord Mayor of London.