2 October 2022


The two exempla I offered in Part 1 of this were congruent and were both of major theological and cultural significance. The Apostolic Constitution which S John XXIII signed on the High Altar of S Peter's, and the Conciliar requirement of Vatican II that clergy say their Office in Latin, are highly important expressions of a determination, at the loftiest levels of the Magisterium, to retain, even, to strengthen, the links which bind together the life of the Church in a Hermeneutic of Continuity.

Every pope, down to but excluding PF, has reinforced this policy. 

There is something sick, or at least dysfunctional, about a pontificate which ignores this teaching.

At the human level, one could understand a traddy who said "I will take Traditionis Custodes seriously when those jokers in Rome take seriously those major examples of Magisterial teaching with which they themselves happen to disagree."

For tomorrow, TC Article 1, Libri liturgici a sanctis Pontificibus Paulo VI et Ioanne Paulo I promulgati, iuxta decreta Concilii Vatican II, unica expressio 'legis orandi' Ritus Romani sunt."

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