8 October 2022

The Preface of All Saints

Many readers will be aware of the 'Gallican' preface of All Saints (and of Patrons) included in the prefaces which were authorised for the 'Extraordinary Form' in 2020. They had, in fact, been widely used, especially in France, long before 1962 (ad libitum in successive SSPX ORDOs). These 'Gallican' prefaces derive ultimately from the Paris Missal of 1738. The CDF decree of 2020 also permitted the Preface of All Saints to be used in Masses of Patrons and of Titulars. So they are authorised for S John Henry Newman on October 9.

This will be why today, throughout the Traddisphere, there is the sound of keen clerics gumming this preface into their Altar Books.

In the Good Old Days, the proper preface of a major festival was used throughout its octave (even when the Mass was not of the octave). In the spirit of this tradition, I venture to suggest the propriety of using the All Saints preface on November 5 wherever the Mass pro aliquibus locis is said of the Holy Relics.

Wherever, in the week after All Hallows, the calendar of an area or religious order has a "Feast of All Saints of X", the All Saints preface can hardly be seen as inappropriate. November 6, of course, is the festival of All Saints of Ireland; and the old Octave Day, November 8, has been widely kept since 1928 as the Feast of All Saints of England (and Wales).

In confirmation of my instinct, the Ordinariate Missal admirably provides for the use of an All Saints preface on the Feast of All Saints of England or Wales (although the prefaces offered do not include the 'Gallican' preface).


frjustin said...

The Cistercians keep a Feast of All Saints of the Benedictine Family on November 13. In the Ordo for 2023, it authorises the Preface of All Saints:

Ms pr, Gl, °Pf de Sanctis, vel de omnibus Sanctis

From Fr. Khouri said...

Father, could you share the Gallic
an Preface please?

frjustin said...

Dear Fr. Khouri,

The website of the New Liturgical Movement states: "three [Prefaces] were originally composed for the 1738 neo-Gallican revision of the Missal of Paris (those of the Blessed Sacrament, of All Saints and Patron Saints, and the Dedication of a Church)....Here then is the preface of All Saints and Patron Saints; in this case, I include the full text of the doxology, which is slightly different from the normal form."