4 November 2019

The Preface of All Saints

Alert readers will be aware of the 'Gallican' preface of All Saints (and of Patrons) included, I believe, in the 1962 Missal (I don't possess a copy of that rite), and widely used, especially in France, long before 1962 (it still appears in the SSPX ORDO). These 'Gallican' prefaces derive ultimately from the Paris Missal of 1738.

In the Good Old Days, the proper preface of a major festival was used throughout its octave (even when the Mass was not of the octave). In the spirit of this tradition, I venture to suggest the propriety of using the All Saints preface tomorrow in the Mass of the Holy Relics; and whenever this week the calendar of an area or religious order has a "Feast of All Saints of X". November 6, of course, is the festival of All Saints of Ireland; and the old Octave Day, November 8, has been widely kept since 1928 as the Feast of All Saints of England (and Wales).

In confirmation of my instinct, the Ordinariate Missal admirably provides for the use of an All Saints preface on the Feast of All Saints of England (although the prefaces offered do not include the 'Gallican' preface).


Joshua said...

I have long thought that this Preface should be used on all feasts of saints not otherwise provided with one (Apostles and Evangelists use the Preface of Apostles, of course). This would restrict the Common Preface to ferias outside of Lent.

Pulex said...

Apart form the Preface for the Dead, the other "Gallican" prefaces are not included in the standard edition of the MR 1962. They allegedly have been introduced in some countries ad experimentum. In France and Belgium they were allowe since 19th century:

frjustin said...

On November 13, Cistercians celebrate a Feast OMNIUM SANCTORUM QUI SUB REGULA
S.P.N. BENEDICTI MILITAVERUNT, which has a proper Mass with Gloria, and either
"°Pf de Sanctis, vel de omnibus Sanctis": the common Preface of Saints, or of All Saints.

Ironically, Benedictines do not celebrate this feast, perhaps because two days before, they celebrate St Martin of Tours as a feast.

Fr John Hunwicke said...

Well, it's in my Benedictine Diurnal.

frjustin said...

Curious. It's not in the "Thesaurus Liturgiae Horarum Monasticae", published by Sant'Anselmo in 1977 on behalf of the Confoederationis Ordinis Sancti Benedicti. Page 472 goes from November 12 to November 15 with nothing in between.

frjustin said...

With Nov 13 coming up, I checked the current Ordo of the American-Cassinese Congregation of Benedictine Monasteries, and there is no sign of a feast of All Benedictine Saints:

13 Green Wed of 32d Week in Ordinary Time. In Mass readings no. 493 (Wis 6: 1-11; Ps 82: 3-4, 6-7; Lk 17:
11-19), Common Preface – Vesp of Weekday
U.S.A.: As supra or white Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin, Religious Founder, Missionary. Opt Mem. In Mass readings no. 493 (as
supra), Pref of Virgins and Religious – Vesp of Memorial

The Swiss-American Benedictine Congregation also has no mention of All Benedictine Saints:

13 White—Wed—USA: St Frances Xavier Cabrini, Vrg, memorial
Wis 6:1-11 + Lk 17:11-19 (493)
†1942 Obl Matthias Wallenfang (StJ)

Fr John Hunwicke said...

Dear Fr Justin

I think we are writing at cross purposes. I am talking about the Extraordinary Form. It is clear to me now that you are considering the New Rite.

frjustin said...

Dear Fr John

Indeed I was, and traditional Benedictines would have no reason to eliminate such a solidly-based feast which is common to so many of the older Orders. (I write on November 7, which is the feast of all Saints of the Dominican Order).

Thank you for your unfailing courtesy.

Robster said...

Pre-reform of the Holy Week rites, Preface in the Blessing of Palms on the Second Sunday of Passiontide. Would be so good coming, as it would in EF, immediately after Christ the King in October.

[Anglican Missal]

Who art glorified in the council of thy Saints,
being acknowledged by all thy creatures,
their only Maker and their God :
all thy works do praise thee and thy Saints give thanks unto thee:
confessing without fear before the kings and rulers of this world
the great Name of thy only begotten Son.