29 October 2022

Patrons in the Ordinariates.

1. The titles of Our Lady of Walsingham, of the Chair of S Peter, of our Lady of the Southern Cross, do not function as titles of Patrons. (They can be described as Titulars.

2. The Patrons of the three Ordinariates are, according to the Decrees of Erection of the respective Ordinariates, Blessed (now Saint) John Henry Newman (UK); Our Lady of Walsingham (USA); Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Australia).

3. I make no remarks about the liturgical status of these obervances in the Novus Ordo.

4. But, as far as the 1962 rules are concerned ... i.e. in the Vetus Ordo or Authentic Form ... these festivals, being festivals of Patrons, are First Class.

5. This means that they have a First Vespers in the Old Rite;

6. and that, if they collide with a Sunday, their Mass and Office supplant those of the Sunday.

If I have got this wrong, I would be glad to have matters explained to me, with full references to the appropriate legal documents.

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