7 October 2022

Free the Slaves

The most holy Theotokos protected Christendom from Islamic onslaughts so many times over two millennia; who would have thought that we would be calling on the hypermakhos strategos yet again in this third millennium? 

Has she got to do it all over again: pounding from the slaughter-painted poop, Purpling all the ocean like a bloody pirate's sloop, Scarlet running over on the silver and the golds, Breaking of the hatches up and bursting of the holds ... 

In our own Western societies, our home-grown corruptions are, possibly, even more corrosively dangerous than the external threats because we have grown resigned to them. 

We need to arrange our own domestic problems for the Victrix of Lepanto to line up in her sights.

The Victory is already won. Her Son has said tharseite, ego nenikeka ton kosmon: where (John 16:33) the Greek perfect tense nenikeka indicates a present fact constituted by a decisive action in the past. The Victory is there; mopping up operations are all that is left.

That is why our Lady of Victory can confidently predict: My Immaculate Heart will prevail.


Peter said...

Oh, how I wish this were so.
I am watching the Islamification of Canada where our government bows to political correctness and considers Allah more proper than Jesus.

coradcorloquitur said...

I concur with Peter above. Never, ever, showing disrespect for the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I must express an all-too-human wonder of how Her triumph can now be achieved, given the almost-total victory of our enemies in the West---a tragic victory for which we have only ourselves (tepid and treacherous Christians---and the architects of the betrayal of Vatican II) to blame. Very likely Our Divine Savior would/will say to me: "O, ye of little faith."

Moritz Gruber said...

As for how the triumph can be achieved, well, there's always the option of our Lord stepping in and blowing all the world to Kingdom-Come, as the phrase goes, though in this case it is the literal meaning. One day that will happen anyway.

That said, I actually do have faith enough to believe that God really is able to lead us into a second Middle Ages, only this time with even more piety, with frequent Communion, with internet and motors and a somewhat higher education, and all over the world, and peace, and with the usual fight of each person against his inclinations to sin but no widespread societal vices, and with a fair share of partying and wine (which isn't a vice), and all that well before the Final Judgment and in our own lifetime.

He really is able to do so, if He so desires. He really is able to do so even without suspending our free-will, because our problem is not a thorough decision of men to be evil except in perhaps a very few cases (if that) and those (if they exist) could be held in check by the police, etc. And He really is able to do that, I think, without resorting to things miraculous in the strict technical sense of the term - though that might then take longer.

I do not lack faith that He can do that, if He so desires. The problem is, it is as far as I know not a given that He does so desire.