7 November 2020

Some excellent suggestions in response to my Ultrahyper ...

 ... post calling for a new -ocracy to denote the Rule of the Bullies. But, after Archbishop Vigano's latest long piece on PF's much cherished Lavender Mafia, giving names, dates, and facts, possibly we should stick to a nice plain simple "The Rule of the Evitas". 

BTW ... Bobby Mickens does not expect the McCarrick report to come clean on who knew what when. I have little doubt that he is right. We still haven't been told who knew about Kieran Conry's womanising when he was nominated to the episcopate. 

HMG archives are opened to researchers after thirty years ... if the Westminster Archivist operates this system, we have another decade to wait.

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Grant Milburn said...

Than(at)os: I am inEvitable!