24 November 2020


The news about the successful  Oxford University Corona vaccine seems to be a matter of considerable rejoicing, except among American providers who had been planning to sell their own vaccines at eight times the price. 

At this very same moment, the University of Cambridge (of Cambridgeshire in Anglia) has informed the Tab Plods that it has lost the diaries of Charles Darwin. Or it thinks it must have done. Some time within the last two decades. If anybody remembers spotting someone, during that period, walking off with ... ...  

There must be a sermon somewhere in this. Or ... better ... a limerick?


John the Mad said...

At the moment the primate suspect in the missing diaries is a undergraduate gorilla in palaeontology who finds it offensive that anyone should draw a connection between humans and his family tree. The gorilla is best known for distributing pamphlets denouncing human supremacy and demanding reparations for the unequal treatment of apes in Cambridge university admissions.

Autenrieth said...

The shades of that great man of science
Have switched academic alliance:
While Cambridge is hissing,
'His diaries are missing!'
Our jab is the nation's reliance.

BobBrookes said...

I cannot raise much enthusiasm for a vaccine which uses human genetic material from an aborted foetus in it's production.

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...


It must be embarrassing to possess the writings of such a fool, that Thomas Huxley, his promoter, protested to him in correspondence that there was insufficient evidence to justify his [ridiculous] theory.

P.S. I'd rather be a Tab. If I get lucky financially, at last, after several decades, I'll do that B.A. (Hons) (Cantab) in Classics that I should have when I was younger - one can now do much more Plato and Aristotle in Part II than at Oxford - or so I believe.