5 November 2020

It would be inappropriate for me to comment ...

 ... except to say what a truly magnificent political show our transpontine cousins do put on.

Much appreciated.

But I would like to ask them just one question: why are (real) Afro-Americans so absent from your politics? 

Obama, of course, was half Caucasian and half Kenyan (and, so you tell me, probably born in Antarctica); Kamala is half Jamaican and half Indian.

I think, by the way, you are going to find being governed by a 'South Asian' lady an arresting experience. Our present Home Secretary is by far the most ruthless among our political operators. 

When she comes in sight, life-long confirmed atheists devoutly cross themselves.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. ABS has ghost written Trump's Concession speech and it is currently under consideration:

I set an all time record for votes garnered by a losing POTUS candidate.

It's not even close and I really wasn't even trying my hardest.

I thank all of the beautiful people who helped me set this gigantic record, a record that that will never be broken, believe me.

Arthur Gallagher said...

Fake Blacks are a widespread phenomenon. Hon Charles Wrangel is Puerto Rican, but has polished a southern black accent, and a whole series of mannerisms meant to convince voters to believe that he is Black, which he is not.

Obama has a bizarre accent that belies his long residence in Indonesia and Hawaii, with sojourns in Pakistan and Kenya. How can he sound like his parents came from Mississippi?

The Black people spotted this bad imitation, and initially rejected him.

Now, we have Kamala Harris- whose father, although from Jamaica, is not Black, or at least not VERY Black. Despite her protestations, she never lived among Black people, but among the academic families of Berkley, California, before moving to Canada at a young age, and then to Switzerland.

Where ever did she get a Southern Black accent?

Thorfinn said...

Joe Biden infamously said that unlike all the other blacks who had run for president, Barack Obama was "clean" and "articulate".

Whatever else could be said for or against those candidates, no healthy observer could ever imply they were "dirty" or "inarticulate".

Unfortunately this type of racist attitude that certain blacks are "too black" for general consumption survives in certain disgusting political circles, including at the very top of the Democratic Party.