21 November 2020


Well, it is fairly obvious that the head of regime is not going to honour his nod-nod wink-wink undertaking to Sir Edward Leigh to get the Churches open again. He is not a man of honour. But did any man or woman ever think ...

If I could make a single minor liturgical change this very morning, it would be to give today's lovely Festival of our Lady's Presentation in the Temple its old Byzantine name of her Entry Into the Temple, ad perpetuam memoriam of the year when Public Worship was proscribed in this kingdom for the first time since the eighteenth century. 

May our Lady pray for our country, that we may be delivered from tyranny.


Anonymous said...

Tyranny indeed. Our Faith - battered and betrayed though it is - will prevail; we have been so assured. Catholicism is, as we always knew, the only, unconquerable defence against Satan.

To be a priest now is to carry a grave responsibility. We look to you all and pray that you may be given strength.

Gillineau said...

You could just go underground and take the punishment?