10 November 2020

November 10 (2) 1938 Kristallnacht

Kristallnacht, in 1938, was the occasion when, in the very heart of European Christian civilisation, in a land sanctified by Saints and which for centuries had been covered with churches, the unholy elimination of German Jewry began in real earnest. It is not known how many Jews were murdered in this first bloodthirsty episode. The event took its name from the innumerable shards of glass which littered the streets as Jewish businesses, homes, Synagogues were attacked, looted, burned.

Back in London, the British elite who had appoved of Hitler and had admired the splendid healthiness of German Youth, who had agreed with Nazi views about Racial Improvement, were a little disturbed by the physical explicitness which, it was now clear, was destined to accompany their comfortable philosophy. The Fuehrer, when they had visited him and had their polite and agreeable discussions, had not mentioned that things might be quite as untidy as this.  Eugenics may now have appeared just a trifle less gentlemanly.

Lord Mount Temple resigned as Chairman of the Anglo-German Fellowship, perhaps mindful of the fact that his first wife had been a Cassel. 

But he did not resign his membership. 

The Fellowship continued, as it explained to the public, "to support the Prime Minister in his policy of Appeasement."

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