28 February 2020

Is it God's judgment?

A"Call [plague] Heaven's judgment for sin, and all you can do is to sit down under it."

B"But surely, we are expressly warned in Scripture against calling things judgments for sin. How about those eight on whom the Tower of Siloam fell?"
C"If it was anybody's sin, it was probably the carelessness of the people who built the tower."

D"And that's usually a sin that finds someone out. Unfortunately, the sinner isn't always the victim,"

A"Why should it be? Nature does not work by a scheme of poetical justice."

C"Nor does God. We suffer for one another, as, indeed, we must, being all members one of another. Can you separate the child from the father, the man from the brute, or even the man from the vegetable cell, [A]?"

Dorothy Sayers, The Documents in the Case, 1930.

Symposiast A: a biologist interested in genetics; B: a priest; C: another priest; D: a chemist.; 

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