12 February 2020

COVID 19: Benedic Coronavirus Dominum: lauda et superexulta eum in saecula

I gather that today we shall see the post-synodal etc. etc.. While we feverishly await PF's next great Paradigm Shift, let us reconsider for a moment PF's big ecological initiative: the prophetic call of Laudato si, and its teaching about what its text calls biodiversitas.

My point is to ask why the Mundus Bergoglianus is doing so little to defend and to promote the increase in biodiversity exemplified by the newly vigorous life-form CORONAVIRUS alias COVID 19. There has been surprisingly little jubilation about the spectacular spread of this wonderful piece of BIODIVERSITAS. 

(I have, incidentally, searched for Biodiversitas, which occurs quite a number of times in the Encyclical, through the pages of the Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis. I have not found it. I hope I will not be too far astray if I assume that it means something rather like the English neologism Biodiversity. Personally, I do rather dislike these bastard words which promiscuously combine Greek with Latin elements.)

PF pointed out that the existence of  a great multiplicity of species has utilitarian purposes; but, acute theologian that he is, huius temporis ipsissimus Aristoteles, he dug deeper than this. He complained that hundreds of species have gone missing, and deplored that these now extinct forms "sua existentia Deum non clarificabunt".

I am not myself a properly trained theologian; and so I would welcome full and careful elucidation of how the Coronavirus "by its very existence glorifies God". But I am a faithful Catholic and so I of course accept the teaching of the Sovereign Pontiff that it does indeed do this. Laus Deo! But in that case, why are PF's court publicists and his world-wide gangs of admirers doing, as far as I can see, absolutely nothing to protect and to spread Coronavirus? Why is the great Austin Ivereigh not sprinting round the studios defending Coronavirus in the mighty Meejah world which he knows so well? At this time one would have thought that Bergoglianists per orbem terrarum would be devising ways of encouraging this spectacular life-form to mutate into an even greater and yet more God-glorifying variety of life-forms. I shall believe in the genuine adherence of the German episcopate to Laudato si and Biodiversity when I hear rhat at least two thirds of them (including Marx) have voluntarily and successfully put themselves in the way of welcoming Coronavirus.

Worse: opponents of PF's Magisterium are even searching for pharmaceutical ways of destroying this species, which (at least in the BBC TV studio mock-up) looks so fascinating. It has exquisite knobbly bits.

If someone were to show me evidence that Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider are anticoronavirus, biodiversity-deniers, I would not dismiss the accusation, grave though it would be, entirely out of hand. 

It needs to be asked: what is the CBCEW doing to promote the spread of this noble virus in our own country? Have the Englishnwelsh bishops volunteered to host within their own episcopal persons the coronavirus? If not, why not? Why are there no Biodiversity 'Activists' waving banners outside Archbishop's House? "Free the Coronavirus One".

Nuncios, when they are constructing terna to send to Rome, ought to ask potential consecrandi whether they would be generously willing to offer their own bodies as gracious and patient havens of the very richest biodiversity.


Joshua said...

Technically, COVID-19 is the assigned acronym for the disease (Coronavirus Disease 2019) rather than the selected term of the new virus itself, which is SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2), but I applaud your recognition of this novel infectious agent; however, you have skirted the philosophically intriguing question, posed so artfully by Wikipedia as follows: "Opinions differ on whether viruses are a form of life, or organic structures that interact with living organisms."

In any case, you have masterfully updated Haldane's quip that the prodigious number of a certain variety of insect species indicates that God has "an inordinate fondness for beetles"; assuming for the moment that viruses are alive, then the most numerous of all, the ten nonillion or so bacteriophages that outnumber all other organisms on Earth combined, must surely be the apple of His eye. (I say nothing of the angels, whose countless hosts outnumber all material creatures.)

To return to consideration of human kind, all men (and, surely, prelates in particular) are full of myriads of different species that constitute our very own microbial biota (again, whether flora or fauna I leave to the experts). The number of bacterial cells within our bodies exceeds that of our own cells by an order of magnitude: indeed, no man is ever alone. Perhaps the Bergoglianists ought modify the apposite traditional prayer thus: "Bacteria of God, my indwellers dear, with whom his love infects me here..."

Fr H., I do hope you seek Pam's permission before you attempt to culture this virus in your own person.

neilmac said...

Bravo! But be careful, Father!

As Tom Lehrer said - When Henry Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize, satire died.

I can foresee a time when eco-nuts will be protesting to prevent the destruction of deadly viruses and bacteria. After all, it is the logic of their position: why should we have differing rights for humans, animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses (and perhaps even metals and minerals); if all life is a mere accident of creation/evolution, why should our rights trump those of viruses?

I used to gently rib vegetarians by suggesting that even lentils have feelings; in 21st century Western culture it now seems they do.

You may find out that your nicely aimed satire is in fact prophetic.

Fr PJM said...

Since a virus does not have a metabolism it is not exactly living. It requires living cells to reproduce and propagate. Also, it may be the the virus in question is not the work of Mother Nature, but of scientists.

Fr PJM said...

So it is not an "authentic" case, perhaps, of biodiversity.

Mark said...

You are all SPECIEIST!

I will now loonify academia with Critical Species Theory and will divide the church because . . . DIVERSITY!