29 February 2020

Herr Goebbels is alive and well

From a recent Times:

"LESBIAN, gay, and bisexual people are nearly twice as likely to appear on television -- where they take 11.9% of roles -- than would be expected by their estimated 6.4% share of the national population. 

"The figures come after the head of BBC drama defended its practice of crowbarring diverse characters and plotlines into adaptations of classic novels, in an attempt to reflect the demographics of modern Britain*. Critics have accused the corporation of pushing 'woke propaganda' ...

"Older people and the disabled are the most underrepresented minority groups. Over 50s account for 20.6% of on-screen contributions but make up 31% of the workforce, while disabled people get 7.8% of on-screen jobs and 5.2% of off-screen, despite being 17 per cent of the population."

It seems to me blindingly obvious that the Enemy has successfully, brilliantly, engineered a policy, clearly devised at the very deepest levels in the Lowerarchy, of indoctrinating and corrupting an entire society. I can remember the adoption, quite long ago now, by soap scriptwriters at Eastenders and The Archers, of storylines designed to 'educate' the moral assumptions of viewers and listeners.

Or can you think of a more convincing narrative explanation?**

C S Lewis, in his Essay about Reading Old Books, wrote powerfully about the need to remember that every age has its characteristic vices and virtues, but that the vices and virtues of each particular age are different. Hence, he advised, it is important to let the robust and cleansing winds of other centuries blow through our own minds. Never read a new book, he urged, until you have read or reread a couple of old ones.

But the Enemy is endlessly resourceful. He has easily devised ways to neuter the effect of Old Books. By means of TV 'adaptations' of some Old Books, he has cunningly erected new and strong barriers against the risk that current errors might be remedied by the influence of earlier authors.

I wonder if Coronavirus will allow me to live long enough to hear of attacks being made against Englit examination boards on the grounds that they have cruelly downmarked those candidates who write their answers on the basis of culturally polluted TV 'adaptations' of (ex. gr.) Jane Austen, rather than upon the actual boring old books.

Or perhaps it has happened already?


*Notice the circularities, the skilled sleight of hand, here. First, they use their Media to indoctrinate us; then they use the success of their strategy to justifiy their continued promotion of their own social and moral landscapes.
**Recently, some cispontine TV 'personality' (Philip Schofield ... I had never heard of him ...) made himself into a national Meejah superhero overnight by apparently revealing his inclination towards acts intrinsically disordered (actus  ... suapte intrinseca natura ... inordinatos: Catechism of the Catholic Church para 2357). For 36 hours, our screens were full of dim luvvies and 'diverse' weirdoes shedding buckets full of tears at the sheer, moving, splendour and wonder of it all.


Kathleen1031 said...

This is why newer adaptations are not as interesting and are often frankly annoying. You can always detect the PC brewing as you watch programs of earlier eras and find out, to your amazement, that so many women were "courageous", "strong" and "brave", and surprisingly feminist. Amazing. We had no idea. And that of course so many men were villains. This we knew. This has taken all the charm out of these stories. They are predictable and boring.

In the states, the media is currently promoting their favorite theme, the black lady/white man couple. They keep this fictional couple always before our eyes, they keep hoping it catches on, despite reality which indicates it has not. Some increase in this particular pairing has been seen, as young people become more woke and realize they have a chance to demonstrate how truly woke they are, everybody's favorite activity, but by and large this has not really been that successful a pairing. At least in the states there are many more black man/white woman couples.
But what is really noticeable, besides the relentlessly masculine and tough female characters, who in fiction are able to disarm and beat into submission males at surprisingly high rates, is the "disappearing" of white people from American ads and programs. The advertisements are probably now 80 to 90% people of color. One company, State Farm, actually had a character "Jake", and they have now removed "white Jake" and inserted a new "black Jake". It is the effort to make white people invisible in their own country, the hatred for white men now spreading out to encompass anyone white. And white people sign on, they approve, or don't care, as they don't in Europe. It is most likely the case that consumer polls were taken and the marketing folks discovered people of color now want to buy products sold only by people of color, and white people, having been flogged with the whip of white guilt, will buy products from anybody.

Kathleen1031 said...

Sorry, the states are also seeing the incredible increase in LGBT characters and the constant drum beating by the culture. It's already insufferable. We have parents rushing to take their innocent babies to Drag Queen Story Hours, where demonic looking men read pro-trans or homosexuality books to the children, and sometimes romp in disturbing ways with parents happily beaming. Can anyone doubt it's the end of Western civilization?
We however, do have an organization that provides a great deal of pushback against the LGBT tide. In fact they do this worldwide. They are called "MassResistance" and they are a superb organization that has helped parents, taxpayers, and communities around the world learn how to address this onslaught, such as the Drag Queen Story Hours.

Scribe said...

Dear Father, I was interested to read Kathleen1031's letter about black people and the air waves. In Britain, we enjoyed for many years a drama series called Midsomer Murders, its episodes set in little country towns and villages in a fictional county. Then, a few years ago, these villages became inhabited by more and more black people, often occupying important local positions - pub landlord, blacksmith, vicar, etc. I have now stopped watching the series, as it has become demographically grotesque and laughable. Also, the Father Brown series, enjoyed by many Catholics for the various liturgical and other howlers, has fallen victim to the same black invasion. Then there are the many commercials on the ITV stations.... Need I go on? No, Father, I am not a racist (or racialist as we used to say), but really, enough is enough. Somebody, somewhere, is orchestrating all this.

Fr John Hunwicke said...

I have removed an anti-semitic comment, which I enabled originally because I wanted readers to be able to judge it themselves.

But it is not the sort of sentiment that I welcome. And the idea that Coronavirus is a hoax seems to me plain barmy.

My inclination, for the future, is to delete such expressions of opinion.

Tony V said...

6.4% is a very generous estimate, even in today's society (in which confusion over sexual roles caused by the 'gender equality' ideology would be expected to push up the incidence of psychosexual disorders).
Is it any surprise that the prevalence of homosexuality is higher among actors than in the general population? After all, one of the more common psychosexual syndromes among males includes homosexuality along with what psychiatry (aka voodoo medicine) calls histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

What's more concerning is the disproportionate number of sexually abnormal MPs. That is certainly not a Parliament that looks like the country at large. Clearly there's a diversity problem there.