29 November 2019

Religious bigotry in British Political Parties

A couple of years ago, Tim Farron was hounded out of the leadership of the Liberal Democrat Party because of his Evangelical Christian beliefs. A couple of weeks ago, Rob Flello was deselected as parliamentary candidate for the same party because he expressed his Catholic beliefs.

Why isn't there a great surge of indignation about this naked bigotry?


Tony V said...

Whenever a leftist calls someone "a bigot", it almost always means 'I don't want to listen to the rationale for your opinions and beliefs; I just want to denounce you.' Because the words has become so tainted, I wonder if we shouldn't avoid it.

The problem with British politics is that we have 2 1/2 national parties and they're all left-wing. They're all mislabled: Labour no longer has anything to do with concerns of working people, but is more concerned with pandering to people on benefits and Moslems while supporting leftist social causes (its manifesto is manifestly pro-abortion). The so-called Conservatives foisted gay 'marriage' on the country and maintains the outdated policy of government-sponsored social housing. The Liberal Democrats are neither, as like the other parties they support so-called bans on 'hate speech' (aka free speech) and are intent on overturning the most recent of the UK's very infrequent referenda. You can't really

What we need is a true Christian Democratic party. That's a place where maybe Fallon, Flello et al. could feel at home. But the established parties do have a stranglehold on the political system. It's a common misconception that the UK is a parliamentary democracy. It's not. It's a parliamentary oligarchy, and the oligoi are the party elites, who tell us who we have the privilege of voting for (often someone who doesn't even come from or live in your constituency). Oh, sure, you can cough up £500 and stand as an independent, but good luck with that. Look what the media-party machine did to Nigel when he stood in South Thanet.

B flat said...

Because the British are deeply divided. "British Values", in which children are to be educated, is an invention of politicians to fulfil the role of Humpty-Dumpty's "Glory" and political parties are their private fief, having very little to do with popular choice or democracy.
There will be tears before bedtime for all, not just the guilty.

Ronald Crane said...

There should be a right old row.
The bishops are silent...….

Pelerin said...

I read online that according to the International Society of Human Rights 75% of all instances of religious discrimination are directed against Christians. Not many people know that.

Unknown said...

It is worth seeing the Scottish bishops recent letter regretting among other things discrimination against religion in public life

Nicholas Kearney
RC CHaplain @Aberdeen University

Unknown said...

Dear Father, there is no hue and cry over this issue because a) those who care are afraid to jeopardize their positions in life by making a fuss, and b) those who don't care, don't care. God bless you, Barbara

Unknown said...

It's in Canada as well...

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. One supposes that most modern white men are in agreement that people of African descent are, on average, not as intelligent as white people born in the west.

Of course, that is a form of bigotry that has been popular for quite a long time and even seems to be increasing in popularity owing to many factors thus, white supremacism, The Human Bio Diversity project, the project for white only states etc (as though the white guy Christopher Hitchens was anything like you).

Here is an interesting scientific dismantling of these types of claims...


Stephen Barber said...

The British Values taught in schools are:
The rule of law.
Individual liberty.
Mutual respect.
Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

The only problem with them is the name. There is nothing specially British about them. I preferred it when they were taught under the heading of citizenship.