27 November 2019

Chief Rabbi Mirvis

See yesterday's post.

The C of E Report on Christian-Jewish relations rightly condemns the anti-semitic trope that "Jews always seek to control others".

Chief Rabbi Mirvis contributed an Afterword to that Report. In it, he strongly criticised poor old Mother Damnable for failing to exclude certain theological notions from the spectrum of beliefs deemed to be acceptable within Anglicanism. His criticisms have been as strongly repeated by other  representatives of synagogic Judaism.

I find it strange that representatives of another Faith should so peremptorily lay down what may or may not be believed in religious bodies other than their own.

Perhaps the best way to kill off the idea that "Jews always seek to control others" would be for senior representatives of Rabbinic Judaism to stop seeking to control others.

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Marc in Eugene said...

But the bishops and clerical and lay others doing 'ecumenism' encourage them (the Jews in this particular case but also the separated brethren-- if one can still use that term of art) to put their own position papers etc into the mix on our table. Who is Rabbi Mirvis supposed to pay attention to, your Reverence or Mons Babelbuiltanew, who's the permanent undersecretary of a committee somewhere?