22 November 2019

Christ the King

Readers will not be surprised to read that my own preference is for the October celebration of Christ the King. Although I would, if celebrating the Ordinariate Rite, obediently do what our Ordinariate books prescribe, that is, to keep this feast on the Sunday Next Before Advent, my own desire would have been that the Ordinariates had been allowed to return to the dispositions of Pius XI. (My blogposts the next couple of days will explain what the Ordinariate Rite could have uniquely restored for this last great Sunday of the year: a celebration which, I suspect, may now nowhere exist among Christians in full communion with the See of S Peter.)

But I can joyfully reveal one success of the Ordinariate. Its liturgical provision for Christ the King may be on the 'wrong' Sunday, but it does restore the Collect, Secret, and Postcommunion which Pius XI gave to the Universal Church, rather than the poor mangled things which emerged from the postConciliar mess.

The difference? Pius XI and the Ordinariates pray for a real kingship of Christ in a real world, and are prepared even to use military language. Followers of Bugnini shy away from this full-blooded Christian hope.


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Readers looking for the history of the change of the date from late October to late November may find the following helpful: