25 November 2019

Mindgames (2)

Here is a very easy Spot the Latin Howler. It is in the Collect authorised for the Most Holy Name of Jesus.

I will, from today onwards, enable comments in the Howler series which are correct some time the following evening. Offerings which seem to me not right, I will delete so that nobody feels awkward!

Deus, qui salutem humani generis in Verbi tui incarnatione fundasti, da pooulis tuis misericordiam quam deposcunt, ut sciant omnes non esse, quam Unigeniti tui, nomen aliud invocandum.

"Really just a typo", I hear you say. But there's a sermon here. There is somebody in the CDW who is so importantly busy that he doesn't have time to check through his typing, even when it contains a legislative text affecting most of Latin Christendom. Somebody should tell Arturo.

Or am I being sexist when I imply that Vatican typists are all male?

I think I may be implying that women, generally, are less likely than men to be carelessly slapdash.

The next howler will not be an obvious typo.


mcgod said...

Dear Fr H Respectfully I ask you to publish the solution. Here I am at the age of 75 going to Latin classes to try and resurrect my knowledge of the language initially gained 60 years ago

Colin Spinks said...

Grant unto thy chicken...?

cus said...

poPulis, but I have not learnt Latin. Maybe there is no Latin spellcheck in Word?

Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

My edition of the Altar Missal 2002 has "populis" correctly printed. It took me a while to find it, as it is not listed amongst the index IN FESTIS ET MYSTERIIS DOMINI, but among the saints names within the INDEX ALPHABETICUS under "Jesus Christus D. N.", between "Januarius Ep et M" and "Ignatius Antiochenus Ep et M". Clearly the learned Arturo has not exported to the Eternal City that wonderful English publishing tradition of a good index! I suppose at least we should be grateful than no notice is taken in the index of the consonantal 'J', that shows a bit of linguistic posh.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"pooulis" = populis

Did you find it in print or on internet?

If you found it on internet, it could be the scanning of the printed original malfunctioned.

mnnere for munere, and I have seen some like that in Martyrology, online, which is because scan malfunctioned (and wasn't manually corrected)

Banshee said...


Fr John Hunwicke said...

Certainly not; I would not blame a Roman Dicastery for something lying around in the Internet. There was a time when I photocopied the formal decrees in NOTITIAE. Sometimes the subsequent publications corrected the NOTITIAE howlers; sometimes (as with quaereant) they didn't.

I assure you that all my howlers are 100% authentic!

John Nolan said...

Father, we are already indebted to you for pointing out that 'hortus' is second declension, and spotting the howler in the translation of the Introit 'In medio templi'.

In EP III (not that I come across it that much these days) we have 'agnoscens Hostiam cuius voluisti immolatione placari' rendered as 'recognizing the sacrificial Victim whose death you willed to reconcile us to yourself'. I'm no Latinist, but surely the phrase translates as 'acknowledging the Victim by whose sacrifice you willed to be appeased.'

If I'm not mistaken, the official version is a paraphrase or gloss as reprobated in Liturgiam Authenticam.

Pulex said...

Dear Father,
Yes, this was pretty obvious. If you have not planned to limit yourself with orations only, you could, in one of the coming instalments, include the howler from the instruction Universae Ecclesiae.