3 August 2016

Why Sarah should be pope.

Not because he has recently given very strong advice about celebration versus Orientem or versus apsidem, urging that all we presbyters, Bishops, and Cardinals should spend four months or so catechising about it and then introduce it on November 27. (And so we should. I pray that brother priests are already drafting their catechetical addresses. I pray that they will not be subjected to pressures.)

Not even because he has repeatedly spoken with praise and admiration about our (indeed admirable)  Ordinariate Missal. Readers of this blog will not accuse me of inadequate concern for liturgical minutiae. But there are even more important matters before us.

I do not even pray for a Sarah Pontificate because there appear to be some highly Augean Stables very close to the Domus Santa Marta.

Here is my reason:

Referring to the principle that the Sacraments must not be given to unrepentant adulterers who have been through a form of civil "marriage", Cardinal Sarah has said "Not even a pope can dispense from such divine law".

Popes cannot dispense from divine law.

This is a basic principle of Catholic Theology.

Joseph Ratzinger memorably asserted "The Pope's authority is bound to the Tradition of Faith ... [it] is not unlimited; it is at the service of Sacred Tradition".

This chimes with the teaching of Vatican I, that the Holy Spirit was not given to popes to proclaim new doctrine, but to defend and to put forth the Deposit of Faith, the Tradition received through the Apostles. 

Some of those who surround Bergoglio fail to give much evidence of grasping this fundamental truth.

A Sarah Pontificate would give us a Holy Father who truly humbled himself before his Master.

A Sarah Pontificate would re-affirm the sometimes mislaid Catholic principle that the Roman Pontiff is subject to the Word of God.  

That is why the Church needs a Sarah Pontificate.


Gillineau said...

And also, having a man pope with a lady name might kill off the deaconelles debate. One stone, so very many birds.

Prayerful said...

It would be a wonderful thing, the first step in rebuilding what has a been lost. The New Mass still needs work. Summum Pontificum is most notable in a lot of places for the degree to which it is ignored. Daily TLM Mass is available only in two diocesan locations in Ireland, together with Silverstream and the ICKSP house. Other places have it far worse. A Pope Sarah could carry out the work on the New Mass and ensure that Summum Pontificum is genuine observed. Sadly, a Pope Marx or Tagle or those Cardinals working behind some frontman, a Pope Francis II, is as likely. What might be equally harmful is that College of Cardinals (guided by the Holy Spirit) might go for some compromise candidate who lacks sufficient traction in the wider Church. Benedict was in a way a compromise, someone who made genuine gestures to Tradition, while having a strong record of Conciliarism (for want of a better word). I'm praying for Cardinal Sarah, for whatever my prayers are worth.

umblepie said...


Highland Cathedral said...

It may or may not be of interest that I recently attended Mass in two churches where the Mass (Ordinary Form) was celebrated versus orientem. Both were in Austria. The first was in St Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna. Admittedly it was at a side chapel not the main altar but the priest not only said Mass versus orientem but wore traditional vestments, read all the Readings himself and dispensed with the handshaking. Except for the Gospel, all the Readings were said versus orientem. He did, however, spoil things slightly by making use of EMHCs but there was an altar rail and people could choose to kneel to receive Holy Communion. The second occasion was in a very small church in Semmering, south of Vienna. Again, the priest read all the Readings himself.

Catechist Kev said...

Thank you for this, Fr. Hunwicke.

You say: "Joseph Ratzinger memorably asserted "The Pope's authority is bound to the Tradition of Faith ... [it] is not unlimited; it is at the service of Sacred Tradition".

Indeed, Avery Cardinal Dulles, in his fine book titled "Magisterium" [p. 101, 1st pgh], has this which parallels your line of thinking:

"The term 'Magisterium' is in some ways misleading. It connotes mastery, dominion. The official teachers in the church, however, are not masters but servants of the word. According to Vatican II, 'This teaching office is not above the word of God, but serves it, teaching what has been handed on, listening to it devoutly, guiding it scrupulously, and explaining it faithfully by divine commission and with the help of the Holy Spirit" ("Dei Verbum" 10).' Magisterium is therefore a kind of *ministerium*, service."

I've always loved that last line by Cdl. Dulles from that paragraph.

Catechist Kev

Fr Herman said...

You know it makes sense.

philipjohnson said...

The Roman Pontiff is subject to the Word of God .Well Bergoglio doesn't believe in the Word of God, but God knows he will soon feel Gods presence on him if he carries on in his perfidious way!The Roman Pontiff is subject to the Word of God.Amen.

Anonymous said...

@Prayerful, your prayers for Cardinal Sarah are appreciated by him. How do I know? I wrote him at Christmas - sent him a Christmas Card which had inside a note that I was praying for him. I received a hand-written note, thanking me for my prayers.

I am keeping that note, a personal story for myself when -God willing - he is Pope.

TradCathDad said...

Great post! I agree whole-heartedly!

Donna Bethell said...

From your lips to God's ear. Many of us in the States who are old enough to remember think that Ronald Reagan could not have been elected without the disaster of the Carter presidency. Perhaps a good dose of non-Sarah is needed to bring on Sarah. In any case, pray!