9 August 2016

rhododaktylos kai bathykolpos?

On June 7, a new artistic exhibit was unveiled ... if that is the right word ... in Westminster Hall, the only truly pre-Victorian portion of the ancient Palace of Westminster. It was a new window, designed  to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the movement for Women's Suffrage. (Notice the plural here: "Woman's Suffrage" would of course have to refer to the Intercession of our blessed Lady, Omnipotentia supplex and Mediatrix of all Graces.)

The title of this highly meaningful window is "New Dawn". I expect you can find it on the Internet, if you're interested in either Art or Women or Suffrage or any combination of these three. If in none of them, give it a miss.

A woman for whose judgement I have considerable respect took one look at the image on the television screen and instantly commented that it "looked like a window full of nipples".

Immediately, that jolly Callimachean witticism in Catullus LXIV came to my mind, 'nutricum tenus'.

Beyond that, I couldn't possibly comment.

Or, for the Hyperpapalists Ultrabergoglians and rabid Pintoists among you, "Who am I to judge?"


Banshee said...

No offense, but suffragettes in the UK strike me as having been a nasty bunch of terrorists and violent loonies, not peaceful people with opinions (like in the US, where many states out west always had votes for women, or at least for landowners, including women).

I really do not understand why "caving into terrorist demands" would be celebrated. Even if the terrorists were demanding something good.

Banshee said...

I suppose the big difference is that most early US suffragettes came out of abolitionism, and had seen plenty of violence in the,Civil War, while later ones came from church groups. The loons, like Victoria Woodhull, largely stayed peaceful.

It was the Temperance movement that sometimes got violent, as with Carry Nation. (Who relied on men's unwillingness to lay hands on a woman, but got fought by women on occasion.) And it was anarchists who planted bombs and burned things down, not the US suffragettes. So it still shocks me to hear about suffragettes terrorism in the UK.

TLMWx said...

What a bunch of aerolas!