30 August 2016

Important Details

(1) Don't forget Cardinal Sarah!! He has repeated the excellent advice he gave gave about ad Orientem  worship, despite the hooha which this created. Do my brother priests have their catechetical addresses on the subject prepared and ready, now that the holiday season is drawing to its close? Don't let His Eminence down!!

(2) A recent comment referred to b*****t. Isn't there an asterisk missing here? Or does the writer have in mind some term with which, in my clerical ignorance or prudery, I am unfamiliar?


Anne said...

Been clutching the Blessed JHN close to my breast in these strange times. A sermon from his Plain and parochial sermons is the apple a day we need to keep the Devil away. If we read one of his poems like The Religion of Cain and follow it up with a sermon such as steadfastness in the Old Pathways. We can gain refreshment, strength and succor against the raging modern storm. Blessed be our Modern Church Father....Cardinal Newman contra mundi

Liam Ronan said...

Dear Father,

There is no letter 't' at the end of 'bounder' (which is what I supposed was meant before the contributor made a typo). I should have thought there would be no need of asteriks in any event were this the case.

Just as an aside my wife, who is an Anglo-Catholic, has asked me to inquire of you if you were acquainted with a Rev. Roger Roberts who was once the chaplain of the Savoy Chapel. She informs me he would preach on occasion at her former school, i.e. St. Margaret's, in the late 50's to early 60's.

Sixupman said...

Liam, I fear you have mistaken the word - perhaps bovine in nature? Perhaps we should be told.

St. Joseph's, Longsight, Manchester appears to have been re-reordered with NOM vernacular and Latin Celebrated fully ad orientem.

Trump Nuggets said...


Matthew Roth said...

His remarks about the Office were also superb.

Yes, there’s an asterisk missing… apparently it’s very American in usage, even if T.S. Eliot lived in England and is one of the first widely read authors to have used the term.

Peter said...


A hope that Brexit happens?

Donna Bethell said...

Dear Rev'd Father or Matthew Roth,

Where and when did Card. Sarah make his new remarks about ad orientem and the Office?

Thank you.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

2 - either an asterisk is missing, or the reader took some freedom with spelling (simplifying a double letter or replacing SH with how it is spelled in presumably Czech). If I had to make a bet, I'd say the first of the two.