1 August 2016


Also Laureati Mgr Andrew Wadsworth (whose eminence is far beyond being raised by any humble award of mine); and "Vetusta Ecclesia" ... for a couple of fine limericks.

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Ben Whitworth said...

First St Thomas, now Monsignor Wadsworth ... is there no end to the eminence of this company? My blushes are all the deeper as I clicked on the post title "Laureatus" expecting some learned exegesis of strophe 8a from the fifteenth-century Icelandic Sequence in honour of St Magnus of Orkney (Comitis generosi), which reads (as I need hardly remind readers of this blog):

O quam martir hic beatus
uirgo fructu fossus latus
ter centeno laureatus
fruitur palacio.

Is the third line unique in the corpus of Latin Sequences in implying the date of its own composition (i.e., c. 300 years after the martyrdom of St Magnus)?