1 March 2014

Nidaros Missal

To be found anywhere on the internet?


Ben Whitworth said...

Frustratingly, no. It was hosted on the website of the National Library of Norway for a while, whence Pastor in Valle transcribed the Ordo Missae. There is a facsimile edition which is held in a number of UK academic libraries (also available on abebooks for £3500!).

The Breviarium Nidrosiense, on the other hand, is still up on the Nasjonalbiblioteket website, and can even by downloaded in pdf form.

Conchúr said...


Conchúr said...


Eugenie Roth said...

I think, this is, what you are looking for ...
Bless you!

Gregory the Eremite said...


This page at the National Library of Norway has links to the missal and to the breviary. Alas, the link to the missal is broken. Perhaps drop them a line to see what is going on?

Patruus said...

A WorldCat entry [1] for an "ebook" of the 1519 edition directs one to the Early European Books website [2] which requires some sort of institutional login which I do not have. Nevertheless by some stroke of fortuity I gained access and downloaded the PDF which weighs in at an enormous one gigabyte, making it all but impossible for me to upload to a publicly accessible location.

[1] http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/769277653

[2] http://eeb.chadwyck.co.uk/marketing/index.jsp

Fr John Hunwicke said...

What I wished to ascertain was whether , by 1519, it contained the Mass of the Five Wounds.

Patruus said...

I have just succeeded in placing the PDF at the following location, from which it will take about 11 minutes to download -


An Nguyễn said...

[2023 update] Here are the updated links to both the "Missale Nidrosiense" and "Breviarium Nidrosiense", should anyone wish to access:



An introduction to both books (in Norwegian): https://www.nb.no/dokumentarv-i-nasjonalbiblioteket/breviarium-nidrosiense-og-missale-nidrosiense/